How To Clean Asus G73

ASUS G73 is a notebook made especially for gamers out there. The technical specifications of this specific model of Asus notebook are very efficient for the gaming needs of consumers. It is a 17-inch gaming laptop with 8 Gigabytes of DDR3 with 1066 Megahertz. The processor that it has, the 0.6GHz Intel i7-72QM Quad-Core Processor will ensure you of a fast and very smooth gaming experience. You can install as many games as you want because of the one-gigabyte capacity of the hard disk drive included in it. The laptop employs a Blue-Ray Disk Combo Drive and uses the ATI 5870 Graphics that has a 1G of GDDR5. The laptop package comes with a Windows Home OS, a free mouse and a gaming backpack.

If you have already bought an Asus G73, you should remember to maintain it and always keep it in a clean condition, so it would always be in its fastest and greatest configuration. Knowing how to clean your Asus G73 will help a lot to avoid encountering laptop problems.

1. One of the most challenging laptop parts to clean in Asus G73 is the lid. The surface or the lid is rubber and that makes the lid even more sensitive. This means that you cannot press the lid too hard as it might damage it. If you see some dirt or you notice some streak of little lines in it, the best way to do is to gently wipe a micro fiber cloth on it or just clean it with your clean hands very smoothly.

2. You should always have a complete set of screen or LCD cleaning kit. Some kit already contains a brush, micro fiber cloth and a cleaning liquid. These stuffs can greatly help you clean every part of your Asus G73 especially in wiping out the dusts you see on your Asus G73 HD screen. If you do not have cleaning liquid, clean water will do.

3. Keyboards are complicated to clean, as well, as the little dust and dirt can go through the crevices of your keyboard without noticing it. This dusts and little dirt can even go through the other more complicated and internal parts of your laptop. What you can do is to gently spray on your keyboard an all-purpose liquid cleaner and then wipe it with a microfiber cloth. You can also use a small brush that can penetrate between the spaces of every key so you can dust out the tiny stuffs beneath it.

4. You can conveniently clean the touchpad and the palm rest by spraying a small amount of liquid cleaner and wiping it with a soft microfiber cloth. Do not spray the liquid very directly and nearly on the laptop parts.

5. Buy a laptop cooler. You have to do this not just to prevent your laptop from overheating but also, it can wipe away the dusts and little speck of dirt forming inside your laptop.

If you want to take care of your laptop and maintain it in its best working condition, you have to keep it away from dusty areas. In addition and this is most important for gamers, do not eat while using your laptop because the little food particles or liquid drops can get into your laptop while you are busy eating and playing and this is one of the main causes of damage and getting dirt in it.

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