How To Clean CPU Heatsink

Taking care and cleaning the internal parts of a computer is very necessary so your computer will always work properly and optimally. Most people give low priority in cleaning the CPU and the other internal computer peripherals such as CPU fan and heatsink. Because of this, laptops and computers overheat and that causes huge damage to the computer unit. The dirt and the dust that formed on the fan, heatsink and other internal parts make it harder for the laptop’s processor to work effectively and properly, which is why there are times you experience glitches and slow processing. Cleaning the heatsink and the other inner parts is rather easy and it will only take several minutes from you. You may also think that opening up your laptop or your computer casing can be very complicated and difficult, but actually, it just needs your screwing skills.

1. Shut down the computer and detach all the electric cords and cables from your computer unit. If you are using a laptop, remove the battery as well to be in the safer side of things.

2. Open up your computer or laptop. Look for the screws that you need to unbolt to remove the casing completely. If you are unsure, it is always best to have your computer unit manual ready and read on the instructions about opening the computer casing. Be careful and cautious when removing the screws from your computer.

3. Once open, you have to detach some of the CPU parts first such as the CD-ROM tray of your computer so you can have better access to the heatsink or the metal based object that functions to conduct heat.

4. To clean the heatsink, you can use damp cloths and several drinkable alcohol or compressed air. This will help to dust off the dirt and other unwanted dusts on your heat sink. Some of the types of alcohol you can use to clean your heatsink are isopropyl alcohol or the rubbing alcohol, methylated spirits and acetone. You can slightly soak a clean cloth with the alcohol and then gently and carefully rub the heat sink with it. If you choose to use the canned air, make sure that you do not blow it directly and so close on the heat sink. Always use the compressed air in its upright position to avoid the liquid dripping off from the canister. Continue the cleaning process of your computer’s heatsink until you feel pleased with the results of the cleaning method.

5. Clean the CPU fan and the other internal components as well. You can dust them off using the compressed air you have. Avoid touching the internal parts of your computer as it can destroy it.

6. Before attaching the computer casing and the cords back, clean them first by wiping them with a clean and wet cloth. Once fully dry, put them back on your computer.

Always take your time to clean your heatsinks and other computer parts thoroughly to make sure that you remove all the dusts and dirt from them. The heatsink is very important for the proper ventilation and cooling of your computer and giving it appropriate attention will prevent you from experiencing overheating problems.

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