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How to Clean CPU Socket

Cleaning a CPU socket is like cleaning a baby. You need to take a little extra careful to keep it working.

  • First, you need to unplug everything before cleaning including the motherboard too.
  • Since its space is very tiny, you also need to use a tiny object that can clean its spaces like a needle. Use the opposite side of the needle in cleaning the CPU socket and soak it to a pure acetone. Rub the edges of the needle to the spaces in between and repeat the procedure until done.
  • Be careful in removing the CPU socket so that the pins will not bend. It is always important to remove the socket from the CPU slowly to keep the pins safe.
  • Use isopropyl alcohol if you do not have a pure acetone. Ethyl alcohol is safe to use and will clean the socket thoroughly.
  • Another thing to do in cleaning your CPU socket is to use a spray tuner cleaner. This one works easily and will leave no grease on your sockets after cleaning.

Most of these problems are caused by improper contact of sockets. If you installed your computer on your own, the tendency is you do not know if the sockets are well placed inside unless if you are a technician. That is why after buying a complete set of computer, you have to let the store’s technician do the installation since they have all the knowledge on how to attach all sockets and wirings to your CPU.
Thermal paste is the main thing that an owner of a computer is concerned with. They are having hard time to remove thermal paste on their CPU socket. Aside from the fact that it is sticky, the CPU sockets itself are also very delicate that an ordinary user will have hard time removing the thermal paste and other dirt inside it.

  • There are some users who will use polish remover rather than acetone or alcohol. Still using a needle approach, they will slowly wipe everything with a small piece of cotton together with the needle.
  • If the motherboard of your computer will not function, automatically check and remove the socket slowly and do the needle approach.
  • Another type of cleaning is to use a portable vacuum that can sip all the dirt inside your CPU and so with the socket. This is safer than using any hardedge materials but just make sure all the dirt will be absorbed by the vacuum. If you find out that there is still something wrong with your motherboard, that is the time you will check the socket and use the needle to clean its tiny parts.

These methods are quite of the same procedure but the only difference is the type of solution or liquid that you are going to use in cleaning your socket. It is very important that a reader of this article will know every detail in doing this task and know all the necessary materials and procedure so that they will have the choices. Giving yourself a chance to know different things will help you widen your knowledge even up to a very simple task like cleaning your CPU socket.

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