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How to Clean Crystal

Most people who buy crystal are still unaware of the cleaning process. Crystal may appear dusty and foggy. Cleaning crystal entails proper handling as it is very delicate and expensive. If you want to maintain the clear shiny appearance of your crystal, then proper knowledge is essential.

Here are the important steps in cleaning foggy crystal:


Gather the necessary materials. You will need white vinegar, mild dish soap, 3-4 soft towels, wash rag, plastic mixing bowl, 1 galloon distilled water, and lint-free cotton towels.


Fill in tap water into your sink about 5 inches. Avoid using warm or hot water.


Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of your mild liquid soap and pour in 2 cups of white vinegar. Stir the solution properly using bare hands.


Place your cloth or towel around your sink to protect your crystal. Use any heavy material to hold the cloth in place. Your sink will now look like a padded room.


Put the crystal on your sink one by one and allow it to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. This helps loosen dirt particles in your crystal.


After soaking, carefully wash the crystal. It is best to wash it piece by piece with bare hands using a microfiber cloth. Wipe any foggy areas.


Get your large plastic bowl and place a towel inside the bowl. The towel will protect your crystal. Wash the crystal inside the plastic bowl with distilled water.


Wipe your crystal properly with a microfiber towel or a lint free cloth and allow it to dry.


Place the crystal on its proper storage.

It is beneficial to use distilled water in cleaning crystal as it prevents mineral deposit and spot marks. Avoid using hot water in cleaning crystal as this can break your piece. It is also not recommended to use any harsh cleaning solution especially those containing ammonia. Ammonia can leave hard smell and can be very dangerous when inhaled.

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