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How to Clean DLP Projector

A DLP projector requires proper maintenance to function for years. Some people may be hesitant on the cleaning procedure as it requires opening the projector. Cleaning a DLP projector is easy and stress free as long as you’re equipped with the right knowledge and adequate set of tools.

The things that you will need are can of compressed air or electric air blower, microfiber cloth or lint free cloth or soft cotton cloth and DLP projector cleaner. Here are the steps in cleaning DLP projector:

  • Turn off your device and unplug any electrical connections. Allow the DLP projector to cool down before cleaning.
  • Using your bare hands, unsnap the surrounding latches and open up your projector’s case. Place the DLP projector case in a safe place away from children.
  • Use a can of compressed air in removing dust particles on the surrounding surface of your DLP projector. Avoid holding the can upside down as you may spill off some liquid into your DLP projector. You can also use an electric air blower in removing dirt particles.
  • After getting rid of dust particles, detach the projector lens cap. Wipe the lens with a lint free cloth. Do it in a gentle way. You can also moisten the cloth with the use of a commercial cleaner intended for DLP projector.
  • Remove dust from your projector’s case before attaching it back. You can use a feather duster in removing dust. A microfiber cloth also works best in getting rid of dust particles.
  • Snap back your DLP projector case in its original place.

Avoid using abrasive commercial product in cleaning your DLP projector as it can permanently damage your device. Microfiber cloth is effective in cleaning the projector as it can easily trap dust particles without releasing it into the air.

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