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The Problem Lies In Your Feet
I hate to be the one to point this out to you, but everything on your shoes ends up on your carpet when you walk into
the house. You take your shoes off? Okay, let’s consider the other options. Your carpet is like a big filter that
traps things from the air in the fibers of the carpet. It also picks up any material in direct contact with it. One
example is the apple juice that leaked from the ‘sippy cup’. Also, the white wine spilled at your last party that
didn’t stain the carpet and yet lingers in your floor. Does anyone ever spill food on your floor? Even if you have
rules about food staying in the kitchen, I would be willing to bet that food has been spilled somewhere in your house,
even if you don’t know about it. Unless you live alone and have no guests� ever, you will have spills. Appropriate
carpet cleaning will keep your carpet looking and smelling nice for a long time.

Dead Skin Anyone?
Let’s just pretend for a moment that we have complete and total dominance and our household rules are observed to the
point of obsession. Even so, other contaminants can lodge themselves in carpets. Unless you live in a bubble, dust
mites will find their way into all rugs and carpets. Skin is a large source of dust that is shed and ends up on your
flooring. Expensive exfoliants do not prevent the natural process that produces the vast majority of household dust.

A Sticky, Soapy Mess
Soapy residue from past cleanings can be sticky and makes your carpet even dirtier because material is attracted to the
sticky spots. This may mean that high traffic areas and soiled areas reappear very soon after cleaning. It is a good
idea to get some good carpet cleaning tips in order to avoid this problem. Whether you do it yourself, or hire a professional cleaning service, make sure that the method used does not leave residue.

Grit & Dirt – A Carpets Worst Enemy
Grit, dirt, and sand not only make your carpet dirty, but also destroy your carpet by providing abrasive friction that
causes damage to the ends of the fibers in your carpet, producing a dull look. At worst, they can actually change the
color of your carpet.

Germs & Allergens
You aren’t going to want to hear this, but germs and allergens can find a comfortable home in your carpet if you don’t
clean it thoroughly. Allergens vary depending on the sensitivities of the people in your household. They can include
anything from pollen to dander to dust mites. They become lodged in carpet and cause problems.

Pets Are Also to Blame

It goes without saying that pets are a big source of mess and smell for your carpet. If Rover gets into your bag of
chips and experiences digestive difficulties as a result, he will probably not make it to the bathroom on time before
he causes a carpet cleaning incident. Even short haired dogs and cats tend to shed and track in dirt.

Time for Further Discussion?
I’m sure we could open up the carpet cleaning forum
for ideas on how a carpet can be soiled and everyone could offer suggestions that I would never have thought of. I might
not believe them, but I am sure they would be amusing. You probably wouldn’t believe my ‘cake on the head’ story, even if
I provided pictures. Life happens and when we are done laughing, we must clean up.

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