Ink Stain Removal Stain Removal

Marker Stain Removal

Water based marker stains are cleaned by way of placing the stained area over a dry towel. The stain is dampened with water and blotted with another cloth, hence causing it to be removed. A liquid detergent is then applied to the stain and is applied to remain on the fabric for about 3 to 5 minutes. The fabric is then washed with water having the highest temperature it can withstand. The entire process is repeated if the attain is not completely removed.

Permanent marker stains require a difficult multi-step process to be completely removed. The fabric is placed over a white towel and is applied with rubbing alcohol. After the stain has been absorbed by the towel, it is washed thoroughly. The same process is repeated first using nail polish remover and then using acetone instead of rubbing alcohol. A solution of baking soda in water is then applied to the fabric. If the stain continues to remain, it can be treated with a commercial stain stick or a stain gel.

Ballpoint pen/ink stains
A wet sponge is used to absorb as much ink as possible. After the stain has been dried in air, it is applied with a hair spray. The stained area is covered with a paper towel at the top and with another one at the bottom. The stain is pushed with the towel placed underneath and is moved into the one placed above the fabric. A stain remover is then applied. The fabric is washed with warm water and is allowed to dry.

Felt tip pen stains
A paper towel is pushed into the stain to absorb the maximum quantity of ink. Denatured alcohol is applied to the stain using a cotton swab. The fabric is washed. Care should be taken to carry out the process as quickly as possible.

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