How Much a Nurse Earns in the United States

Knowing how much a nurse earns in the United States is not easy to stipulate, because it depends on each state and city and especially when it is a registered nurse, whose salary is higher.

In any case it is possible to establish on the basis of statistics, the nurse’s salary in general terms, then…

How much a registered nurse in the United States earns

Salary of registered nurses

Establish how much a nurse earns in the United States at the general level considering that the salary is modified based on whether he or she works in a metropolitan or non-metropolitan area in addition to the city and state that are also two factors that influence the salary….

It is possible to speak of an average wage of a registered nurse, which is around US$670,000, with an hourly wage of US$32.66 per hour, a week of US$1306 and an average monthly wage of US$5600.

Registered nurses are those who work in conjunction with physicians assisting them in surgical operations. In this case the average salary is $32.57 or $67740 per year.

Registered nurses can earn an average of $64690 per year.

However, since the salary depends on each state, one can cite California as an example, where the highest average annual salary is 87780 dollars,

States such as Maryland, Alaska, Hawaii and Massachusetts are also the states that pay higher average wages.

But if the nurse works at a government institution, she can earn an average of $79530 per year.

However, if the same nurse works in private doctors’ offices, she can earn an average of 70530 dollars a year.

In any case, an RN or registered nurse belongs to the category with the highest number of people in this category. They are those who can begin employment with their university studies, equivalent to Associate’s degree. However, your salary will be higher if you have a BS or bachelor’s degree and your salary will also vary based on years of experience and specialty.

For example, the nurse working in intensive care units, critical care units or with anesthesiologists earns the most in the registered nurse category.

Salary of licensed nurses

Licensed nurses are the vocational nurses as they are commonly known and are responsible for the care of disabled, injured and sick patients. They are also supervised by doctors.

In this case, a full-time licensed nurse has an average annual salary of $39820, which can reach $55090 depending on factors such as medical institution, city and state.

The licensed or vocational nurse who works part-time has an average hourly wage of $19.14 and can reach $26.49 per hour.

In any case, a nurse’s salary changes according to her category, the state where she works, the city and also the institution where she works and her workload.

Even a nurse’s salary is influenced by her participation in benefits, commissions, tips, overtime and seniority.

Salary of an NP or nurse practitioner

The nurse practitiontiotioner is the one who completed the master’s degree in practitioner nursing and depending on each state can work without the assistance of a doctor and also prescribe and there are even specializations on which their salary depends, for example nurses in this category specialized in the care of newborn babies or neonatology are the ones who earn more.

How much a CNS or clinical nurse practitioner earns

The Clinical Nurse Specialist or CNS is the one who completed the master’s degree and specialized in emergency, oncology or cardiology with a specialty certified by the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists will earn on average between 70 and 80 thousand dollars annually.

How much a nurse midwife earns

The nurse midwife is the one who works with the care of pregnant women helping them in childbirth and her average salary is 97703 dollars a year.

Salary of a nurse in the United States according to seniority

When you are a newly graduated nurse, your average salary will be 10% below the average salary of an experienced nurse.

An experienced nurse, upon reaching her retirement years, earns an average of 18% more than another nurse of the same category.

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