Port Wine Stain Removal Stain Removal

Port wine stains on clothing

Care should be taken to remove a port wine stain quickly when it is freshly acquired before it gets permanent. The spill should be blotted with a cloth. Carbonated soda water is then applied to the stain using a sponge. The effervescence in the soda water brings the stain out on the surface. The stained area is stretched and hot water is made to pass through it. The garment is then washed.

Another method suitable for removing port wine stains from clothes is pouring a solution of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid onto the stain. It is allowed to stay for some time and then washed off. Yet another method is the application of a commercial stain remover on the stain followed by adding a small amount of white wine to the port wine stain. The stain should not be rubbed but only be blotted. Liquid detergent is then mixed with water and applied to the affected area. The fabric is then put into the washing machine or hand washed depending upon the material.

Port wine stains on carpets
A sponge on which carbonated soda water is applied is used to blot the port wine spills from the carpet. A solution of detergent in water is then applied with a cloth. If the stain remains after being washed, a solution containing equal volumes of glycerin and water is applied on the affected portion of the carpet for an hour, after which it is rinsed and blotted. Application of shaving cream on the stain, followed by rinsing with cold water can also serve the purpose well. If nothing works, a commercial stain remover can be employed to get rid of the port wine stains.

Yet another method suitable for remove port wine stains from a carpet is to use dish soap. A solution of dish soap in water is prepared by adding about one tablespoon of it to a cup of plain water. It is then applied to the stained area and wiped off, eliminating the stain in the process. If the stain continues to persist, vinegar is sprayed onto it. It is blotted with the help of a towel. Rinsing softly with warm water can also serve to lighten the spot.

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