Real Clean Home Friday July 06 2007 Entries

Today’s homes are awash is filth and grime.  Simply put, our homes are suffering from ADD – attention deficit disorder.  Too few homes receive the time and attention they need and it shows.  Ironically, we have more cleaning products and tools than ever but the one product that’s hard to package is our will to do it.  And we won’t see a package of “will” on supermarket shelves anytime soon.  So, we need to find it in ourselves to put the time into cleaning our homes – regardless of whether we do it or we hire someone.  That’s right, hire help.

If you are a working woman, you may feel guilty hiring housekeeping help. But, you shouldn’t.  If you’re working out of the home, there’s no reason you can’t hire someone to work in your home if you don’t have the time.  The way women think, though, is that they “should” find the time even when they’re working and shuffling kids to karate and soccer.  That’s wrong to think that way and our homes show it.  If you can find the extra money for karate for the kids, surely you can invest in some extra domestic help. 

Having a home that is cleaned and cleaned regularly is its own reward.   So, we either have to find the time or the money to help us get our homes to a state of being livable.  Why is cleaning so important?  Easy.  Cleaning makes a house a home.  Cleaning is the difference between a place to sleep and a place where you really live.  That’s only one reason to clean.  Here are eight other reasons for cleaning your house.

1. Because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO for your home.
2. Because you will FEEL PROUD of your home.
3. Because YOU FEEL BETTER in a clean home.
6. Because you can have FRIENDS AND GUESTS OVER ANYTIME.
7. Because your family WILL BE HAPPIER IN A CLEAN HOME

Come on.  You know you want to live in a clean house.  Now, how can you get it clean and keep it clean?  Here are seven easy ways.

1. Be consistent. Set aside one night a week for the whole family to pitch in.
2. Clean as you go. In the bathroom?  Flush and then turn around and scrub that commode.  Thirty seconds is all it takes to clean a toilet, wipe a counter, or straighten a room.
3. Make a call to a housecleaning service.  Another thirty seconds and you could have a regularly-scheduled housekeeping service to come to your home.
4. Involve everyone.  Start expecting everyone in the house to help and demand that they do.
5. Straighten every single day.  A few minutes here and a few minutes there adds up to some real clean – and straightening is the one chore that takes the most time in housekeeping.
6. Be a pitcher.  Toss out junk mail, magazines, and other flotsam and jetsam every single day.
7. Get a telephone headset.  Whenever the phone rings and it’s your friend Chatty Kathy, that’s your opportunity to do some cleaning.  Put on your headset and clean as you talk.  It’s one way to multi-task – and we love to multitask these days, don’t we?

There you have it.  Seven reasons to clean and seven ways to do it.  Now, what’s stopping you? 

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