Removing Coffee Stains Stain Removal

Coffee stains on your carpet

The coffee stain is blotted with a dry cloth to suck as much liquid as possible. The stain should be blotted starting at its edges and moving towards its center, to prevent spreading it further. A detergent solution is prepared by adding one teaspoon of detergent to a cup of warm water. A dishwashing liquid that is mild in nature is used as a detergent.

The affected area is sponged with the prepared solution and is then blotted. One volume of white vinegar is mixed with two volumes of water, such that a cup full of solution is prepared. The affected area is sponged with the prepared vinegar solution and is then blotted with a piece of clean cloth. The cloth employed for blotting should be white in color, so that its own dye does not stain the carpet. In order to prevent the stain from spreading, rubbing should be avoided.

Another method that can be employed to remove a coffee stain from a carpet is to moisten it with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. It is allowed to set for an hour, and is then blotted until the stain disappears. The stained area is then covered with a cloth, on top of which a heavy substance is placed. When the stain is completely vanished, the weight and cloth are removed. The carpet need not be rinsed after this treatment because hydrogen peroxide is converted to water on standing.

Rayon Stains
After blotting the excess coffee from rayon or fiberglass, the stain is sponged with water. A wet spotter is applied along with 3 or 4 drops white vinegar. A pad moistened with wet spotter is placed on the top of the stained area. The pad is replaced when it gets soiled. The process is repeated until the stain stops being lifted. If the stain continues to be visible, an enzyme presoak solution in warm water is applied to it, following the instructions on the label. The affected area is then covered with a pad dampened with the same solution. It is allowed to set for 30 minutes. When the maximum possible part of the stain is eliminated, it is flushed with water and allowed to dry.

Coffee Stains on Nylon, Spandex and Polyester
The first step in removing coffee stains from nylon, spandex and polyester is to absorb the excess liquid using a dry cloth. A presoak solution is prepared by adding half teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon of white vinegar to a quart of warm water. The stained area is soaked in this solution for about 15 minutes and is then rinsed thoroughly. Any remaining stain can be treated with rubbing alcohol followed by washing. Another method for removing coffee stains is the application of a mixture of egg yolk, little alcohol and warm water to the stained area with the help of a sponge.

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