The Best Way To Clean Before A Party

Pre-Party Panic
Have you ever experienced ‘pre-party panic’?  Some of you are already rolling your eyes as vivid memories of the mad dash to finish party preparations roll through your mind.   There may be a few individuals who are so innately organized that they can pull off all of the elements of a party without batting an eye.  For the rest of us, experience and a few helpful cleaning tips are necessary to keep us from answering the door with a dust pan in our hand, a few curlers hanging from the back of our hair, and the smell of smoke wafting from the kitchen.

Get the Bulk of the Cleaning Out of the Way
It is a given that you will spend the time directly before your party preparing food and finishing your grooming.  Therefore, it is essential that you get the bulk of your cleaning done before you reach the final stretch.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are often pushed to the limit with responsibilities.  The night before a party we are likely to say, ‘Oh, I guess I’ll clean up in the morning before I start cooking’.  Wrong answer!  You will be so exhausted when your guests arrive that you may give them a drink and some food and go to bed, asking them to lock up when they leave.

Prioritize and Schedule your Cleaning
The best way to get your cleaning finished is to make a schedule for your self prior to the party.  Depending on the state of your home, you may want to start a week in advance.  Set certain tasks to complete every day so that the day of the party you have only to touch up the chrome in the bathroom, sweep the front steps, and pick up any clutter that has found its way onto counters, floors, and tables.  This will free you to prepare yourself, your table, and your food.  When you make your schedule of cleaning, remember that you don’t have to worry about every little thing.  For example, do you really think a guest is going to see your underwear drawer?  I should hope not.  Instead, focus on the items that will make your house warm and inviting and save your personal jobs such as cleaning cupboards or changing the contact paper in the cabinet under your bathroom sink for a time when you are not entertaining.  Try not to get distracted and stick to your schedule.

Get Some Tips!
With cleaning tips you will be able to receive your guests with confidence, knowing that you have a clean and inviting home.  The most important thing to remember is that your reason for cleaning and preparing is to provide a nice time for your friends and family.  Once you do as much as you can, forget the cleaning and enjoy your guests.  Chances are that you will never get every thing perfect.  As much as you want to offer a clean and pleasant environment, your relaxed smile and offer of friendship is the most important gift you can give your guests. 

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