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When you decide to warm up a room with a rug, you will find that you have a lot of choices. Oriental rugs come in a great
number of varieties and come from many places. Area rugs can run the gamut from cheap, flimsy floor coverings to high quality
works of art. The quality of the rug is determined by the artisan producing the rug. They are the ones to make the decisions
about the material, dyes, and knot types used. We will give you some information about Chinese, Persian, European, hooked,
and braided rugs.

Chinese Rugs
Chinese rugs have characteristic designs and colors. They usually have a circular pattern in the center. The colors tend to
have obvious contrast. Often nature scenes, or individual animals or flowers are depicted in a style typical of Chinese art.
These rugs generally have a simple border. The material of the rug is five ply yarn and woven with attention to texture. The
construction makes them very durable.

Persian Rugs
The northwestern part of Iran has been a major location for the production of Persian rugs for centuries. The rugs are
characterized by detailed designs, usually with a floral motif. Like the Chinese rug, there is generally a medallion in the
middle. The border is more complicated than the typical Chinese rug, with stripes containing delicate patterns. Colors
popular in a Persian rug include subtle shades of blue, red, green and cream.

While elements of nature are a central theme of most rugs, there is room for creativity on the part of the artisan producing the rug.
The nap of the rug is firm with a close weave. This creates a highly durable rug which can last a very long time when properly maintained.

European Rugs
The French began making carpets in the 17th century. The rugs were made of wool and were fashioned after Persian rugs.
They sometimes deviated from the typical Persian floral motifs to include more depictions of war and human achievements,
such as statuary and architecture. They were only available to the very wealthy and royalty.

Hooked and Braided Rugs
Hooked rugs are defined by the pulling of a loop from one fiber through a woven foundation. Braided rugs contain braided
strips of fabric. These are very old forms of carpet making and some of the few that could be done by people with limited
financial resources because they could use worn clothing, or other discarded fibers to create the rugs. This type of flooring
finally allowed the general public to cover their bare floors. Hooked rugs became very popular in America in the 19th century
and braided rugs were seen throughout America in the 20th century.

Choose Your Rug Wisely
You have many choices when picking out a rug for your home. Make sure that you understand the basics when you go shopping so
that you can make an informed decision about your purchase that can last you a lifetime and for generations to come.

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