ITIN stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. There is an application for ITIN number that you have to know because that’s an indispensable requirement to obtain this number for resident and non-resident persons, in order to comply with the United States tax rules.

Additionally, this App is an effective tool for those people without a Social Security number, to manage payments and tax declarations.

The ITIN is a nine-digit code issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This number is issued no matter the person’s immigration status, as residents and foreign are in the obligation to declare taxes. Get to know more about how to request this number.

How to get an ITIN quickly?

The online application for ITIN number permits those undocumented immigrants without Social Security number, to make their tax declaration, in order to comply with State and Federal laws.

In the same manner, to have the ITIN lets the person register a commercial entity that could generate income in the United States and access loans. There are three ways to obtain ITIN, as follows:

  • By post mail

The first step is to fill in the W-7 form or application for the ITIN, which is used to request the ITIN or renew it. This form could be downloaded here and send the filled application to the following address:

Internal Revenue Service

Austin Service Center

ITIN Operation

P.O. Box 149342

Austin, TX 78714-9342

The form should be filled in with the required data and you should consign the following documents, to be able to carry out these procedures:

    • Passport.
    • ID or National Identification Card that must have a photograph, name, address, date of birth and expiration date.
    • United States driving license.
    • Dependent minors Birth Certificate.
    • State Identification Card.
    • Electoral Card from the Country of birth.
    • Visa
  • Personal Advice

ITIN could also be requested through a Certified Agent’s service, validated by the IRS. This is just a person or entity that’s authorized to help strangers who do not satisfy requirements to obtain the Social Security Number or the ITIN.

This agent is responsible for facilitating the request of the application for ITIN number from irs, checking that the person has all the documents required and the form filled in properly. To access the Services of a Certified Agent just click here.

  • In person Appointment

A person could have the option of an appointment in the Taxpayer Assistance Center as proposed by the IRS. You can call 844-545-5640 to get an appointment. But considering that IRS offices do not work on federal public holidays. If the person acts in this way, he/she would not have to send their documents by post.

Once documents are consigned the IRS will issue the ITIN and will send it by mail. To locate the nearest Taxpayer Assistance Center to your address. The mail is the same as above, here.

How could ITIN be obtained online?

There is an application for ITIN number form available for foreign residents or not in the United States, and for their dependents and spouses. While it is true that an ITIN cannot be given electronically, a person can access the IRS online and manage all the procedures from a user’s account.

If a person does not have a user account, she/he can register on the IRS official page, in order to carry out this online procedure and save paper work time.  This tool has the W-7 form ready and with precise instructions.

It is also recommended to fill out the W-7 form correctly and include the required documents. If not, the procedure will be delayed or rejected. Similarly, remember to have the following information at hand:

  • Visa’s number.
  • Foreign fiscal identification number.

ITIN application for H4

An H4 visa in the United States is extended to dependent family members who depend on H-1B, H-1B1, H-2A, H-2B and H3 visa holders, with which they can enter the United States of America, and stay with the main holder. Those who are holders of this kind of visa, have to declare tax, complying with fiscal laws.

So, in case you do not have the ITIN number application for h4, you can request it following the IRS legal protocol. Please follow these simple steps:

  • Fill in the W-7 form

All persons who want an ITIN must fill in this basic form. This form can be downloaded and printed from the IRS official site or request it at one of the Centers. It is important to indicate that you are a H4 visa holder when you fill out the form, or it is one of your dependents who needs the ITIN.

  • Attach support documents

Attach all the in force documents to the W-7 form. These have to indicate the connection with your country of birth. In this way, the information on the form is confirmed.

The following are the most common:

    • It is the main proof of your identity and nationality, It must be original and in force.
    • National Identity Card.
    • Approved driving license in the United States.
    • Foreign Electoral Card.
    • Military Identification Card in the United States.
    • American Visa.
    • Up to date Birth Certificate
  • American residence proof

Known as Green Card, it is a legal document for all foreign residents in the United States of America who do not have American citizenship. This card is essential to get an ITIN for those H4 visa holders and it makes the process valid. Together with the residence proof, you have to consign the following documents:

  • United States medical report, for all 6 year old and less dependents.
  • School documents for 16 years old dependents.
  • Mortgage statement, public services invoices and bank statement.

How long does it take to obtain the ITIN?

Getting the ITIN with the App could take up to 6 weeks the most. After this time without an answer, you should call the IRS toll free number 1-800-829-1040 for information about your status, if you are in the United States. But if you are away from the USA you should call 267-941-1000, which is not toll free.

How much does an ITIN cost?

The process and management of the ITIN App is free of charge by mail or in person. However, if you request a Certified Agent’s services, it is possible that you have to pay some kind of fee.

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