With over a hundred years of service, Avianca is one of the oldest and most relevant airlines in the world. Currently reaching more than 5.000 flights per week, thousands of customers are able to clear up doubts and solve issues through the Avianca Airlines Customer Service.

To accomplish this, different contact channels are available with the purpose of providing quality and quick attention, either via phone, online or face-to-face.

Learn how to get in touch with Avianca and address any situation or question you may have. But, before that to know more about this important airline would be valuable, in terms of origin and current headquarters location.

Also, flight availability and approach on COVID-19 will be addressed as useful information to provide.

Knowing more about Avianca: Where is Avianca Airlines from?

In more details, Avianca Airlines is an airline funded in 1919 in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia by a group of businessmen from the country, as well as Germans. This makes Avianca the oldest airline of the Western Hemisphere and the second in the world, only after KLM.

At present day, the airline has the second biggest fleet in South America only behind LATAM, offering flights from and to all South American countries, Europe and the US and Canada. In the same way, Avianca is currently considered the third best airline in American Southern Hemisphere.

Avianca as airline business is part of the British Avianca Group, where both Avianca and Salvadorian airlines TACA joined together in 2012.

At the same time, Avianca makes part of the Star Alliance network. This allows offering flights towards more than a hundred destinations in the American continent and Europe.

As mentioned before, at least 5.000 flights are carried out per week from and to the main different Avianca´s connection centers. Such centers are: El Dorado Airport in Bogota, Colombia, Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima, Peru and El Salvador Airport in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Contact channels offered by Avianca: Call center and local offices

A big airline with uninterrupted services regarding flights for over a century now like Avianca have thousands of customers per month. Therefore, it is logical many clients have questions or even experience issues when using services provided by the airline.

From scheduling, checking-in and checking out, ticket purchasing, baggage management and more, having doubts is the order of the day. Fortunately, Avianca facilitates high quality, permanent and wide contact channels and attention solutions to take advantage of.

  • Available contact channels customers can use by Avianca

In details, Avianca offers to main contact channels for users to solve any problem or clarify any question they might have.

For starters, the first to mention is the call center, which through official Avianca customer service numbers, clients in general can get in touch. So, requesting information about anything related with the provided services, as well as make suggestion or provide recommendation is possible.

Online attention and customer service by the phone is ideal for customers in other countries, or territories where local offices are simply not available.

Secondly, the airline offers local office as direct contact support and customer service, for those with branches available in their territories.

Avianca provides more than 20 local offices in Colombia, as well as at least one in countries like Mexico, San Salvador, Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, India, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands and more.

In more depth, in any office Avianca´s costumers can buy tickets, receive reimbursements, provide service recommendations and receive personalized attention, which is quite valuable for many.

  • Different actions to solve through Avianca´s contact channels

By using the call center or available local offices, customers can carry out different actions and meet any requirement that have.

Now, non-face-to-face attention helps saving time and is permanent, making easier to address and solve any situation.

Some of the actions customers can perform are:

Get answers respecting frequently asked questions: there are some doubts that result common for many of the airline´s customers. Examples are requesting info about flexibility policies, pet transportation, permissions, and mandatory requirements for minor traveling, among others.

Baggage issues: any issues with the baggage is solved via calls to the call center, with the intention of locating and recovering bags and gear.

Compensation and reimbursement: in many cases, reimbursement applies when there are issues with the flight, due to an event. If that is something a customer is dealing with, contacting for support and refunding is necessary.

Is Avianca Call Center 24 hours? Available phone numbers

As airline with a relevant name in its industry, Avianca facilitates a call center accessible from many countries, one that works 24/7 for customers to solve any issue.

Through Avianca´s call center, customers obtain immediate assistance in any regard. From knowing how to enter the LifeMiles program to consult the most requested topics and provide suggestion, everything is possible by calling.

Here is a list with the available Avianca customer service phone numbers, and reach for support through call center in different countries:

Lost, delayed or damaged luggage: 01 800 095 8722

For those more prone to write and not that much to call, Avianca also provides other means for contact and support, such as:

  • WhatsApp: +57 3114006797 (accessible from anywhere in the world)
  • Facebook Messenger: by using Facebook Messenger, you get support through a virtual assistant clicking on this link, from where you can start a chat and ask questions.

Did Avianca stop flying?

Quite commonly, Avianca´s current and potential future customers ask if the airline is still providing service and flying. The answer to that question is an absolute yes.

The thing is, such doubt is founded on the 2020’s financial crisis airlines in general – including Avianca – underwent because of COVID-19.

Actually, confinement and extreme lowering in incomes almost make Avianca to fall in bankruptcy. Fortunately, the company recovered and still offers flights across all American continent and Europre.

How to communicate with Avianca phone?

To communicate with avianca telefono you have the free customer service telephone line in the cities of Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and others.

In the event that you need to contact the travel assistance service, the technical support service or the customer service, you can call the call center at the number +1 800 284 2622 but if you have hearing problems then you will call 1 866 998 3357.

Avinca telephone number due to problem with luggage: You can contact the avianca telephone number 1 877 428 4478 if a problem with luggage arose during your trip, but keep in mind that the hours of operation of the assistance service and offices is Monday through Friday from 9a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • On the other hand, the telephone number 1 800 284 2622 corresponds to the headquarters in Boston, MA.
  • The telephone number 1 800 284 2622 corresponds to the Chicago, IL headquarters, with an address of ORD, 10000 West Ohare Ave.
  • The phone number 1 720 941 0411 is for the headquarters in Denver, CO whose address is Quebec Square 7800 Smith Rd.
  • If you call the telephone number 1 954 974 7272, you will get in touch with the avianca headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL, whose address is 300 Terminal Dr.
  • By calling 1 713 665 5995 you will contact the avianca headquarters in Houston TX, with address at George Bush Intercontinental Airport 3870 N Terminal Rd.
  • If you call 1 713 665 5995 you will also contact the avianca headquarters in Houston TX, but with addresses at 5601 Bellaire Blvd A. and 3870 N Terminal Rd.
  • If you prefer to contact the avianca headquarters in Los Angeles, you should call 1 310 646 9614, with the address at 300 World Way DFS Los Angeles International Airport.
  • The phone number of the Avianca headquarters in Miami FL. is 1 800 284 2621, whose address is 221 Miad Cl.
  • But if you need to contact the Avianca headquarters in New York, NY you will call 1 212 949 1616, whose address is 2 W 46th St. 807 or 1 800 284 2622 whose address is 720 5th Ave. or 1 212 430 0840 with address at 123 E 42nd St-2525.
  • The telephone number 1 201 430 8484 corresponds to the Avianca headquarters in North Bergen, NJ, whose address is 8019 Bergenline Ave. North Bergen.
  • If you call 1 800 284 2622 you will contact the avianca headquarters in Orlando, FL whose address is 5240 E Colonial Dr. Suite e.
  • If you call 1 650 8777 0492 you will contact the avianca headquarters in San Francisco, CA, with address San Francisco International Airport.

In turn, you also have the option of communicating with the airline through social networks, for example at:

Phone number Avianca USA (866) 998 3357

You have already read several of the avianca usa phone alternatives according to the cities of the headquarters to which you want to communicate, and you even have (866) 998 3357 which is the customer service number and (888) 12 2647 if you have problems hearing or speech, but if you are looking for a quick assistance service instead of calling by phone, you should go to https://www.messenger.com/t/AviancaCo

How to call Avianca from the United States?

You already know that you figure out how to call Avianca from the United States through whatsapp and you can contact the company to receive assistance with your flights.

Go to https://www.avianca.com/us/es/te-ayudamos/contactanos/ and you will access the service.

When accessing with your mobile phone you will scan the code or simply click on the image to open whatsapp or schedule the avianca phone number +57 311 400 6797 .

Then you will enter the LifeMiles frequent flyer number as an identification method or enter as a guest.

On the other hand, you have a free phone if you call from a landline, which is 600 18 000 953 434.

How to call avianca international phone?

In the case of avianca international phone if you want to be assisted in Spanish for the reservation of plane tickets you must call the avianca phone +1 802 231 1806 and an executive of the airline will assist you with the reservation process.

How do I communicate with Avianca?

In turn, if you have questions about how I communicate with Avianca , you also have the option to communicate through whatsapp. If you choose this option, you must schedule the number 722 121 555 to send I want to travel and you will receive by this same means the steps you must follow.

But keep in mind that the Courier and cargo whatsapp is 722 121 555 and you will send to this number I want to send to receive the steps to follow by this means.

In the case of air tickets and insurance, you will send I want to fly to 620 598 290 and you will also receive the steps you must follow by WhatsApp.

How to call Avianca from the Dominican Republic?

You know how to call Avianca from the Dominican Republic , because you have the telephone number of the call center where customer service will assist you, you will receive help with your trip and technical support if you contact +1 18097327740 from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. .m. to 6 p.m.

What is Avianca’s email?      

You also have the option of knowing what Avianca’s email is so that you can communicate by writing your question to [email protected] but if you want to contact Avianca regarding the frequent flyer program, you will enter the client portal at https by this means: //formscrm.avianca.com/es-ES/ingreso-caso-portal-cliente/?_ga=2.227303453.1626010618.1631082586-1181870309.1630890253 and you will complete the form with your request and download it to send it as an attachment to that email.


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