Blue cross blue shield of Texas is the most requested alternative you can count on in the health insurance market today.

Get to know the most important details related to this insurance company: its main number, important plans and also if you can use its services wherever you are in the United States and much more.

What is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas?

This company is one of the most important health carriers in the state and it was founded approximately 90 years ago.

This company gives its clients safety and a health service that’s completely trustworthy.

Its purpose is to expand to many more places in the United States, while this company gives Texan inhabitants the opportunity to enjoy the real benefits of a responsible health carrier.

It offers support to big companies and institutions all over the country and it is recognized worldwide. Therefore, all Texas’ residents can go for a high quality medical service.

Its support and function is in more than 500 hospitals and it counts on 80,000 doctors, who attend approximately 5 million members.

Is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas the same as Blue Cross Shield?

The answer is yes. This company is composed of a group of 36 independent companies associated to give health insurance, and these are located in different parts of the United States.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas derives from the Health Care Service Corporation division. Furthermore, it has alliances with companies such as American Airline, Texas Medical Association, JBS, H.E.B. Grocery and many more.

What are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas plans?

It has medical plans for all its clients. Its services are accessible thanks to its competitive prices. Its plans are:

Individual &family

Plan Network.

Preventive Care Services.

Essential Health Benefits.

Prescription Drug Coverage.


Hospital Insurance (PART A)

Medical Insurance (PART B)

Medicare Advantage (PART C)

Prescription Drug.


BcbstxStar plan

BcbstxChip plan

BcbstxStarKids plan

Each of these services is much wider. The insurance adviser could give more information about them. A client can contract or put together the package that suits them or their family, according to the budget.

Could Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas be used in any other state of the USA?

Yes, of course. The insured clients have a service called “Blue Card”, with which they can enjoy certain benefits if they want to leave the state. Its benefits are the following:

–  Enjoy the necessary medical attention, if the client is traveling or is living out of the Texas area.

–  The client could obtain health service in many different hospitals in the USA that have a contract with it.

On the other hand, if the client wants to travel abroad, he can still use “Blue Card”. Hospitals or doctors affiliated to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas can be found in more than 200 countries all over the world.

Where can you locate Blue Cross Shield of Texas providers?

If you are home or abroad and you need specialists to cooperate with your insurance company, it is recommended to contact its provider, in order not to waste time.

The following are the ways to contact the provider:

–  Access the official website and go to “PROVIDERS

–  On the lower part click on “PROVIDER FINDER” and select “SEARCH NOW”.

–  Then, click on “SEARCH AS GUEST”.

–  Enter a specific direction where you want to locate the provider. Data as State, City and Zip code.

–  Now, select the plan you have, the category and the specialist name or the service provider’s name, and click on “ENTER”.

–  Finally, the results will appear on the screen. You will find the names of all the available specialists in the zone or the service provider’s name. Also their phone contacts and other details related.

How to communicate with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas?

If you are ensured with Blue Cross Shield of Texas, they have several communication channels, so that you can ask questions to clear doubts or claim something.

Its phone number is 1- 972 – 766 – 6900 and there is another number for clients with hearing or sight problems it is: TTY: 1 – 800 – 735 – 2989.

On the other hand, you can communicate with them, with other departments according to your policy:

Individual and Family Plans (Under 65 Customer Service) 1-800-531-4456
Individual and Family Plans (Under 65 Customer Service for Existing Members) 1-888-697-0683
Medicare Supplement Customer Services 1-888-697-0683
Dental Indemnity USA 1-800-820-9994
Group Plans 1-800-521-2227
HMO Blue Texas Plans 1-877-299-2377
Health Select SM of Texas Consumer Directed Health Select SM 1-800-252-8039
Dental 1-800-521-2227
BCBSTX Behavioral Health 1-800-729-2422
Magellan Behavioral Health 1-800-528-7264
Membership Department 1-800-445-2227


Look at the Customer Service Schedule for each available service. Furthermore, it has social networks that could be reached. And these are:

–  Facebook

–  Twitter

–  YouTube

–  Connect and Lifetimes

How to join Blue Cross Shield of Texas?

You can type Blue Cross Shield of Texas login and follow the quick and easy steps. You can choose and application or online, according to the following:


–  Enter the website and locate “MEMBER LOGIN”.

–  Enter your data: Name, create an access code or password and click “LOG IN”. It’s ready.

Remember when using your personal computer to login on it, you should register as a new user first. Follow these steps:

–  Enter the link new user in the lower section “MEMBER LOGIN”.

–  Accept the conditions and click on “NEXT”.

–  Enter your name, surname, birth date, ID number and click on “NEXT”.

–  Create your personal account adding the data requested and click on “NEXT”.

–  Verify your account with your phone number or email.


–  Enter your user name and password.

–  Go to the menu displayed where you can see all the functions.

–  You can look for doctors, formulate claims, know deductibles, coverage details and much more.

You can download this application easily on your Android phones or iOS, and create your account with simple steps.

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