E-mail marketing is a great strategy to get your sales and services selling, it’s very important. Using different business email providers can be a good investment on your company’s productivity.

If you know a little about E-commerce you will know that your customers worry about your advertisements arriving on time. This is the reason why people use a proper email hosting service to reach with their clients.

And not only this, but also to communicate with the people you work with, the truth is that there are many benefits. Using a special business email provider assures that you will reach your clients on time and that you will not be received as spam.

There are many email service providers, among them the traditional offered by Google. Paying for the email hosting service and your website hosting separately is a great advantage.

Because if you use the same hosting for both, you could have problems with the storage limit of the service. Which can be a inconvenient especially for something like the email.

This is pretty much what an email host is and why you need a different email provider. Now, let’s see some expert’s suggestions to improve this situation.

Which email provider is best for business?

There are many we can use; we can mention three of the most efficient:

Gmail: It’s the classical one, this is what most of the people use, and it is because its goods characteristics. Gmail offers you a complete email service with 30GB of storage and is completely free of ads.

Yahoo: Simply the greatest competitor to all of the services that Google offers. You also have a pretty useful email service that will offers you 10GB of storage and also filters the important messages from the spam.

Outlook: Another good option apart from both mentioned before. It offers 5GB in storage and is pretty safe. The software counts with handy reminders and can be synchronized with other tools like calendar and more. It also protects your private information very well.

What is the best small business email?

Of course, that will only depend on your business and exactly what you need. You could be really good simply using the traditional Gmail. But if you prefer other tools like the ones Outlook uses, for example, you can try out that.

There is no really best, you should use is the one that works best in your company in specific. There are other business email providers, like these:

  • ProtonMail
  • BlueHost
  • GoDaddy
  • Namechap
  • Zoho Mail
  • FastMail

Why is email provider important?

Normal email providers have limitations and they may not have other important tools that others providers have. Some of these functions can be very useful.

For example, there is something called “email tracking”. Which allows you to have certain information about the people that you deliver advertisements form your company.

If you are delivering notifications or articles, it will register how many people subscribes or unsubscribes. Why they did, and other important statistics that could be useful for your marketing strategy.

You can improve the limits, have a better HTML design, manage subscriptions, and separate the work mail from the personal mails. These are some of the good things that a third party business email provider can do for you.

More information: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/free-email-accounts

How much does it cost to get a business email?

Normally it will be from 5$ per month to 15$ per month. But as always, when we are talking about price there is never a right answer. It will vary from the type of subscription you want and from what company you are acquiring the service.

There are also plans, that will give you from the most basic to the most professional business email hosting service. It’s all about evaluating what is the best plan for you and then going for it.

What’s the difference between email providers?

The difference will be of course the quality of their service, and according to their subscription what tools they offer. There are services that are offered by the best for a high price, but you can probably get them for a lower price.

But just if you choose the right email provider, you have to study all of the benefits they offer. Evaluate what you need in essence, make sure that you don’t pay for something that you don’t use.

And after knowing exactly what you what figure out where the best provider is. It’s not so expensive of course, but you should always look for the best.

Maybe one service offers you great feedback with your clients but doesn’t take the data from the users. Or probably one is great at this, but doesn’t give you that good feedback with the clients. You will have to see.

Who is the best email hosting service?

As always, you will have to evaluate by yourself what the best hosting services are. They could vary in storage allowed, softwares they use, auto responders, and more, here are some suggestions:

  • A2Hosting.com
  • iPage.com
  • Hostinger.com
  • SiteGround.com
  • HostGator.com

How much does email hosting cost?

It’s incredible how you can find different hosting services around on the web. And you can actually get a decent hosting service for email even for 0.10$ to 10$ per month! Of course, they aren’t probably the most reliable or effective.

Do I need hosting for email?

It depends, but it is surely an advantage to have a personalized email hosting. It can be configured specially for what you need, which could be client feedback and other features.

It’s a specialized email service that is completely dedicated to the communication with your customers. And there is nothing more important in business than your customers!

It’s definitely an investment that you won’t regret, the traditional small business email providers don’t always do the job. The benefits from having a personalized email provider are countless. Not to mention that for some people is completely necessary.

Get to know this list of email providers

Email is a fundamental instrument for our day to day. It offers a wide range of possibilities for both private users and companies. It is a means through which we can communicate with other users anywhere in the world, send files or reports easily. As we know we have at our disposal many options for this. There are many providers that we can use. Each of them may have different functions or characteristics. In this article we are going to show you a list of email providers .

Email providers

The objective of this article is to show users the different options that we can use. There are many email providers that we can find and not all are the same. Some may have more storage, others have security or privacy tools, etc.


If we start by talking about an email provider focused on security and privacy that is Protonmail . It is a great option for those looking to preserve their data. We can register anonymously and leave no trace of the IP address. Keep in mind that all emails we send will be end-to-end encrypted.

It has a free and paid option . The former may be sufficient for private users that do not require a lot of space. It is available in a web version and also as an application for different operating systems. One of the also important points is that it is open source.

ProtonMail focuses on privacy


An option to use our email that we cannot ignore is that of GMX . It is a service that is not new at all, since it has been around for decades. However, it is not as well known as other options.

A very highlight of GMX is that it allows you to attach files of up to 50 MB . This is quite an interesting amount, as many of the major providers do not allow more than 25MB. It should also be noted that for free we will have 65 GB to use in the inbox. A few e-mails will certainly fit without problems.


AOL is another email provider that is also not far behind in terms of available space. In fact, they ensure that it is unlimited for its users. Supports attachments up to 25MB.

Beyond the available space, it should be mentioned that it also focuses on the reliability of the service . It offers tools to analyze emails for security problems. It also has advanced filters to detect Spam and Phishing attacks.

Yahoo Mail

We can’t list email providers without mentioning Yahoo Mail. It’s another provider that offers virtually free storage. We say practically because the limit is 1 TB , which is not bad at all. Allows attachments up to 25MB.

Besides the email service it also offers different features and very interesting tools such as a calendar. We also have protection against Spam, Phishing, as well as a large number of filters to sort emails.


Yandex is an email provider that belongs to the popular Russian search engine. It includes an antivirus and protection against junk e-mails. It offers us the first 10 GB of storage . It also has the possibility of hosting files in Yandex.Disk of up to 50 GB.

Perhaps one of the points that users value the most is that it has an integrated translator. This is very useful if we are going to receive emails from people in other languages ​​and we want to translate them quickly.

Yandex, a browser to save data


Of course Gmail is one of the email providers that we have to include in this list. In recent years it has become the most popular in many countries. It belongs to Google and also offers a large number of services such as calendar or cloud storage.

Gmail also stands out for its interface. It is no coincidence that millions of users around the world decide to opt for this service. It also includes methods to avoid Spam and protection to save our privacy. We already know that they are very important factors and that we must take care at all times.

  • 30GB of document storage
  • Emails with your business web address
  • Email delegation
  • Spam protection
  • Email recovery

Price: $6 user/month (Basic Plan); $12 user/month (Business Plan, with unlimited storage and archiving); $25 user/month (Enterprise  Plan, a premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities).

Download emails from Gmail


The last one on the list that we want to display is Outlook . This is the Microsoft email provider. We can say that in Spain it is also one of the options most used by users. It is available for different platforms, thanks to its ease of use in the web version.

Like Gmail, it also has different services such as the calendar or cloud storage. All this perfectly integrated in its platform, to facilitate the use.

Create signatures for Outlook


We can also consider the option of Zoho . It is an alternative that not only allows us to send and receive emails, but also has cloud storage where we can save all kinds of documents and files and have them always available at all times.

Zoho offers 5GB of free storage , although we can expand it with one of their paid plans. As for the size limit to send an e-mail, it is 25 MB, similar to other options. We can find all the information and data on your website.

  • Storage limit of 5GB
  • Attachment limit of 25MB
  • Email addresses
  • Available for five users
  • Email signatures

Price: Free (basic version); $1 user/month for the Mail Lite plan if you need more options like email forwarding, smart filters, bulk delete, and others.



Another option we want to show is Mailbird . It is another very interesting email provider that we can consider. In this case, it allows us to manage several accounts on the same site in a simple way. It has a version for both private users and also for companies or organizations looking for something more complete.

One of the most important peculiarities of Mailbird is that it allows you to integrate a large number of applications. For example, we can integrate Facebook, Google Calendar or even WhatsApp. This will allow us to have total control over these programs and a greater ease of use with e-mail.

Keep in mind that the version for private users is free, while the professional version is paid. It is one more alternative that we can take into account to be able to manage our email and be in contact with friends or family.

These are, therefore, some of the options that we can take into account when using email . Different providers that have some peculiarities. A range of possibilities to maintain daily contact both at the private user level and also for companies and organizations that need to make use of this type of services. It is a means of communication that grows day by day and we must always have a good service that adapts to what we are looking for.


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