A business landline phone service is an extremely practical investment for any business. They allow the workers to have constant and good communication between them. However, using landlines can have somewhat of a cost, and it seems that we have better options nowadays.

However, using a landline has exclusive advantages that no other technologies can match. That’s the reason why many companies still use it. If a landline is the best option for your particular business will depend on many factors.

A landline can be handy in situations where your employees need constant feedback between them. They can support and communicate each other if they need anything. Which saves the time of having to get out of their work area to talk with their workmates.

The problem is still a landline is short range, it can’t be taken out of the office. It has some other inconvenient too, that you should be aware of if thinking about installing a landline service.

We will go over all of the details of having a landline for your business. Important questions, how much does a landline service costs, why you should or not use it.

How do I get a landline for my business?

The first thing you have to do is to get in touch with your provider. This is in the case you want to install a complete business landline phone service. There are also other options that you may explore, for now, let’s see the advantages of having a landline:

  • You may connect with every employee in real time, so they can connect with you with a direct phone.
  • It saves up plenty of time instead of coming and going from wherever the other person is. It also helps the efficiency and proactivity of the communication among the company.
  • It separates the communication of the company with personal messages and calls. Which is the great problem of having your personal phone number in use for work stuff.

However, having a landline has its disadvantages, which is the reason why the fight cell-phone vs landline is still going:

  • You will not be able to answer phone calls if you are out of the office (where your landline is installed).
  • The cost of the landline may vary depending on the size of your company

As always in this kind of case, the best option is the one that adapts the most to you. If you are still doubting let’s have a look at the cost and different options to solve the communication problems in your company.

How much does a business landline cost?

This will obviously depend on the size of the company, and the installation of the system. However, for a medium company the cost of the landline should be around 40$ and 50$ per month. Which means that the costs may vary from 400$ to 600$ a year, which is accessible.

Remember that this does not include the cost of installation. Also, the wages for the mobiliary that should be bought. It will also depend on if it is a full landline for your whole company or simply another line to answer business calls.

Even with this cost, is still a lot cheaper than having another phone in your pocket. Which is what many of company owners do nowadays, buy another phone.

But this is actually not practical, and a complete waste of money. A regular phone costs at least 400$ (a cheap one) plus the cost of the line. And this will only provide communication to one person (the one who has the phone).

Buying another phone could cost at least 700$ a year, the double of a complete landline system, it’s simply not rentable.

Landline or cell-phone?

At this point you may be wondering: What is the best phone system for my business? There are many options apart from the regular business landline phone service. To this point adding a new line to a phone is not rentable. And giving a phone to all of your personal will take you to bankruptcy.

But the best option these days seems to be the VoIP communication (Voice over Internet Protocol. This seems to be the best option for everyone now, and pretty much all companies use it.

Still it doesn’t have some advantages that having a traditional landline has, but is a good way to go. VoIP can give you communication at any place you are, and can be installed in the company devices.

The costs will also depend on the providers you choose, and they can vary a lot. But in general, VoIP services are very cheap. Good plans with special features can go around 10$ per month, very worth.

Of course, the cost of the installation isn’t included yet, but is simply revolutionary. You pay one time, and then the job is done, 120$ per year.

However, you still have the problem (if it is a problem for you) that you use your personal device for work. This can make your employees to lose focus, and even yourself.

Do businesses still use landlines?

Of course they do! The strategy of using VoIP can be effective for some companies. They can even use skype and be ok with that. But companies that have a large number of people working simultaneously and big installations are a different story.

They will need to have a business landline phone service that pulls everyone together. Also, the great superiority that landlines have on stability doesn’t have cost.

What happens if the internet or electricity is unexpectedly cut down? How are you going to communicate? Hard to answer. However, a landline can resist all of that, and still be working.

Also, what if connection is low? What if too many people are connected and the servers don’t resist? The old cabling has the upper hand on stability, and that is something great companies need.


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