Capital one is a bank that operates in the U.S, they have a different perception with banking, and have a different vision too. They try to offer equal possibilities to everyone, counting in a 200 million dollars’ capital for it.

They have the mission of improving the small communities and growing with your help as clients. If you have a small business or want to get a loan for different business ideas this is one of an option to consider doing it.

They offer a variety of benefits, business deals, small business loans and different kinds of accounts adjusted to your needs. They will assure you a banking service based in equity and respect, having as a disclosure that they don’t have racial preferences.

Among other things, being associated with different non-profit organizations they offer affordable housing and rental. They came with the vision of getting a banking service that is efficient to anyone, and offering equal opportunities.

If you are looking for the fairest bank in the world, you should definitely stick with this one. Here are some reasons that will make you consider opening an account in here.

What are the benefits of having a Capital bank account?

Everyone looks for a capital one bank near me, the thing is the bank is one of the best for sure. They have different benefits for small businesses and natural persons, trying to develop financial well-being.

If you are an independent worker and you are striving to unleash all your potential, you are the perfect client for them. There is a philanthropic motivation that keeps the spirit of improvement of the bank and their clients.

They are usually offering cash-backs in credits with certain cards and for certain purchases. They will assure you an exceptional customer service and many benefits if you are compromised with them, and any bank.

Some of the strong assets the bank has are the fee-free international transactions, which is a great advantage if you want to buy abroad. They have an insurance service in case of accidents and other emergencies that could happen. And other things like an app to keep track of all your transactions.

The list simply goes on and on, cashbacks for travel expenses, cashback for entertainments and dining expenses. The reimbursement of lost luggage, travel assistance services, even discounts for special events like concerts!

Does Capital One have branch locations?

Just to let you know, capital one is one of the biggest banking companies in the U.S. Which means beforehand that you can find a branch pretty much anywhere you go.

It will surely not be difficult to find it, by simply asking in the street you should definitely find it. However, apart from the old trustworthy google maps, you can also use the capital one finder.

This is an official webpage that will tell you exactly where is every branch of the company. You can also easily find their phone numbers if needed, that will do to ask information as well.

There are also other options, like the e-mail you can write to, and you can obtain support from the technical support in the webpage. The finder will serve you to know where there are the banks, ATMs, and the cafes to get your rewards!

You can also get the capital one bank near you that you desire with the mobile app. You simply need to grant permission to know your location and will spot everything for you. In most of cases, you can get 24/7 service from ATMs and banks in some cases.

Are Capital One banks open?

Normally, you can get to any capital bank near at any hour, but not to make transactions and deposits. Of course, you can’t do anything that involves personal of the company to do at night.

But ATMs and other services are available all the time, and they are really common so you won’t have to go so far. However, you need to be aware of holidays and special schedules, maybe the capital bank here doesn’t work like in other place.

This is no problem; you can know the exact schedule the bank is open using the app or looking it up on google. You should also be aware of the webpage and read the functions of it, because you can do some stuff online.

You can ask for a card or do transferences to other users online whenever you want, there is no schedule on that. You can request loans, ask for different services and, of course, call in for emergencies with the insurance whenever you want.

Although this kind of things is better to get them done in person, knowing that you also have this option is really convenient.

How to open an account in capital one and manage online?

The capital bank allows you to do pretty much anything online. However, if you want to open an account for the first time you will need to head to the bank. But once you have your account most of the things you might need can be done online.

Of course, there will be some transactions that you will need to do in person. Or that can be started online, but will require you to come to the bank at some point.

Once you have your account, you will register in the page, and affiliate your bank account with the user. Then, you will see all of the information you can be asking for, and will see everything you need.

What you can do online:

  • Apply and request any card you want
  • Request loans of any kind
  • Have technical support
  • Explain your situation to get an economic deal
  • Apply for cashbacks
  • Get discounts and offers online

It’s no surprise people look up on google for the capital bank near me, this is one of a great option to open an account. Don’t forget the benefits you will have from this bank, and use them wisely!

Capital One phone in USA

Find the phone number for Capital One Bank Usa customer service 1-800-955-7070.  In addition, you will be able to contact you to obtain information on how to view accounts, pay bills, about the capital one application and about capital one banks.

Capital One Jackson Heights Phone

You can call Capital One En Español at the customer service line at its corporate office in Jackson Heights, New York, dial the number (718) 335-1500 , or you can go to the address 37-02 82nd St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, during business hours Monday through Friday from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm Eastern time.

Capital One Miami coffee shops

Capital One Café Miami is a welcoming place where you can bank, plan your financial trip, interact with your community and enjoy Peet’s Coffee®

You can visit Capital One Café Miami at 850 S Miami Ave, or if you want to contact the hotline, dial +1 786-857-5756

 Capital One Phone to Pay Bills

To access the Capital One APP Online Banking or Online Banking applications you can download the Capital One App for Google Play Here , Capital One App for the App Store Here

You can also enter the Capital One Login Website Here , if you Forgot your Password and / or username you can enter Here

Capital One United States Office Phone

Below you will find the main Capital One Bank Locations, near me is states of the USA

New York : +1 212-233-8530

California: +1 800-655-2265

Arizona: +1 520-881-1152


Texas: +1 800-655-2265

New Jersey +1 732-780-9800


Delaware +1 302-645-1360





North Carolina




To Apply for Capital One USA Credit Cards

If you want to know how to apply for a Capital One credit card in Spanish 1-800-695-5500, you can receive information about everything related to quotas and approval and delivery of the card.

New York  +1 212-534-7015




Washington   +1 202-408-1657

Contact Telephone Outside USA

Here you will find phones outside the United States, call collect 1-804-934-2001.  Also, the Rewards Center Phone  1-800-228-3001.  Of course, you will also find online banking support  1-866-750-0873.  Security is important, that’s why you will find the Fraud Protection Lines 1-800-427-9428 –  1-800-239-7054 and the Capital One Payment Protection Service 1-888-527-6904

Telephone International Calls Capital One United States

Here, you will find the contact for international collection calls or to report a lost or stolen card 1-804-934-2001.  Also, the phone to make an initial deposit 1-800-219-7931.  Call us to Report Cardholder Death  1-877-357-5659.  There are always help to get started, so you will also find the small business credit card number  1-800-867-0904.   To Withdraw Marketing Requests Call 1-888-817-2970.

Capital One Canada bank phone

Here you can find the customer service number for capital one in Canada  +1 800-481-3239 . In addition, you will find information about the cost of the mastercard in capital one, contacts for more information, complaints and claims.

Capital One support number in Mexico

Find here the capital one customer service number in Mexico +52 9202431.   On the other hand, find the contact of the capital one banks, to view the accounts and access special services for capital one customers.

Capital One Puerto Rico Phone

To call from Puerto Rico, call the international line 1 (877) 383-4802

Capital One phone other countries

To call from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica and other Latin American countries, call the international line 1-804-934-2001

Contact Capital One bank in Europe

To communicate and receive information on opening accounts, transfers and procedures with Capital One in Spain and the United Kingdom, you can dial   +44 344 481 2812


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