Catering Party Platters

If you’re going to get into the catering business then it’s good to know that party platters can definitely make a major difference in the overall appearance of a catering setup as well as act as a silent way of advertising for your company.

Everyone has been to a table or a party at one time or another when a party platter, or several, were lined up that just amazed you. They grabbed the eye, they looked so aesthetically pleasing, and add in some delicious food and that’s the way you make a major positive impression that will get the name of your catering company recommended around to many other guests.Catering-Party-Platters

These only work with a buffet style setup, but that’s not a major problem since it doesn’t make a lot of sense to set up any type of a platter unless you were already going for the buffet style of layout. While many people think of party platters as being something relatively simple to put together, and in theory they can be, there is a lot of work that can go in to making party platters that really stand out in and of themselves, in addition to having several platters which play off of each other in color and design to really make a stunning visual impression in addition to offering snacks and food that is also delicious tasting and goes well together.

Learning to set up beautiful party platters that go well with one another can be done from experience, a sharp eye, or believe it or not there are even some culinary school classes which focus on this topic as it can be useful not only for normal catering, but display is considered critical for many high end presentations or events. This can be a fruit tray which juxtaposes the bright red of sliced strawberries with milder or gentler colors of other fruit being offered. The tray can work by itself, or you can have that next to another party platter which is composed of the yellow and green of sliced cheese and sliced kiwi. Another popular option is having one of these brightly colored party platters next to one with sliced tortilla wraps.

There are many different options when it comes to putting together the best party platters for a catering situation, and which you choose to go should depend on the food being served, your specialties, and the event in question. Many higher end caterers setting out an appetizer or snacking table love putting a tray of bright red and fresh strawberries in between two glass party platters with pieces of chocolate. This combination goes amazing together and the appearance of both cause a great aesthetic and taste combination.

If you think arranging several party platters in combination is a bit overambitious, then there are also several options which involve just one platter which give the full dual benefits of pleasing appearance and delicious food. Imagine having sliced berries in the middle, flanked by green grapes on one side and purple grapes on the other, all surrounded with carrot sticks and cauliflower. This gives a lot of snacking options while also appearing very pleasing to the eye.

No matter what your preferences are, or what the preferences of your clients are, it’s always important in a catering business to take advantage of anything you can which sets you apart in a good way. Having beautiful looking party platters that really stand out from the simple and basic set ups that many people settle for is one way to get that attention by providing excellent service.

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