Chase Bank notary services cost and review

Most documents to be notarized have to pass through a bank, as car sale invoices for example, that is why a Chase Bank notary is very important to help you to notarize your documents. Chase Bank notary services is one of the best benefits that a client could have because with this service can notarize any document in an easy way and without complications.

But not all Chase Banks have notary services, therefore, it is important to have detailed information about which are available and if someone who does not belong to the Chase Bank can use its notary service.

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Does Chase Bank have notaries?

Many people open their bank accounts and never think if in one moment they will need notary services. But these are usually very necessary and Chase Bank offers this type of service.

The documents that usually need to be certified are: power of attorney, affidavit, trust deeds, car sale invoices, promissory notes and contract copies.

Therefore, a certifier is extremely important for many legal situations and they are the officials that help you to certify a document. Some of them are available for the clients in most places.

To be able to use the Chase Bank notary service, you have to look for the closest bank agency to your home with notary services.

Some people ask “Does Chase Bank have a notary?” And the answer is yes, it does.

But it is important to know that not in all its branches this service is present, you just have to locate or call the Chase Bank and ask for the service.

Using this locator, you should make the following steps:

  • Enter to “ChaseWeb locator”. (
  • Then, you will find a window in the center of the webpage, you have to type a ZIP code, address, city or state, after that click on search bottom.
  • The results will be on the hand and it will indicate your direction, telephone number, branch days and hours, branch services, ATM services.

On the right hand, you will find a map to indicate the route you can follow.

How much does UPS charge to notarize?

You can program an online date, find a UPS store and ask for the charge to certify which stores offer the notary services because not all of the 5.000 stores do it.

To find a store:

On the left hand, type the location you need, and then, click on “Send”, after some seconds you will see:

  • The direction.
  • Telephone number. E
  • E-mail address.
  • Schedule of Customer attention.

On the right hand, you will see a map to locate the specific place and the route you have to follow to arrive.

To make an appointment:

  1.   In some directions, you will see the “make an appointment” button, and you have to click on it.
  2.   After that, select the type of appointment, you have to select “Notary Services 30 minutes” and then, click on the “Continue” button.
  3.   Select a date choosing the day and the time, then, click on “Continue” Button.
  4.   Finally, fill in the blanks with your personal information and describe what you need to notarize, and click on the “Schedule it” button.

To know the UPS charge for the notary service:

We recommend you to make a call and ask for the specific notary services for UPS work, and they are going to tell you the specific charge and also if the service is available in that store.

These stores could provide their clients with document certifications in a safe way, and they also facilitate all the copies that are necessary to get the packages to their destination.

To certify the documents is very important that a legal certifier, an endorser that has the power, see that all the documents the client needs are in order.

There are many documents that can be certified by UPS, such as: trusts, affidavits, contracts, even wills. However, many UPS stores do not have a notary to verify wills or legitimacy of employment.

How much does Chase Bank charge for notary services?

These services are completely free for any person that needs the service and has a bank account in Chase Bank. It  was expressed in a tweet not only for customers, but also for non-chase customers.

It is important to know that not all Chase branches have a notary and those who work there have a very irregular schedule, as they take turns to work in different branches.

When a notary service is needed, it is important to remember to call the Bank, in order to find out the certifier’s schedule and if he/she is available in the institution. The Bank will set up an appointment.

In order not to have any problems on the appointment day, it is advisable to take all IDs:

  • Driver’s License.
  • Military ID.
  • Passport.
  • State ID.
  • Other Government photo ID.

Additionally, answer all the questions of the certifier, and you will be asked to sign some documents and place your fingerprint.

After supplying the data and signing the documents, the notary will deliver the certification with his/her signature and the official seal.

What services do chance notaries provide?: Our notary publics at Chase Bank provide a range of services, including:

  • Acknowledgments: We confirm the identity of the document signer and affirm that they signed willingly.
  • Jurats: This involves swearing or affirming the truthfulness of the statements in the document.
  • Certified Copies: We can certify copies of certain documents, ensuring their authenticity.
  • Signature Witnessing: Our notary will confirm the identity of the signer and witness the signature process.

What does a Chase Bank notary service cost?

If the client has an active account at the Chase Bank, the notary service is totally free. There won’t be any additional charge. A Chase Bank tweet said that the notary service will be free for non-customers too.

However, if the Chase Bank tweet in 2013 is not current, there is no reason to be worried, because the notary service expenses are varied, but they do not exceed 5 dollars.

In case you need an urgent notary service and Chase Bank can’t offer you this type of service, you can contract another notary, most places charge between $2 to 20$ notary fees.

But if you want to certify a document from your home, you can do it with

It is an app that is always available 24/7, and you can use it without going out and you can make a video call with a professional notary.

For that, follow these steps:

  1.   Enter to the official webpage of or download the app.
  2.   Before clicking on the right side “Sign it” button, you have to upload the whole document you need to notarize and follow its instructions.
  3.   In one moment of the steps, they ask you to sign in with your Google account or with an email. You just choose the best option for you.
  4.   Fill in the document through digital tools.
  5.   Your identity must be validated.
  6.   After that, choose to connect a live video with a notary public.
  7.   You have to wait until the notary finishes to notarize your document via online.
  8.   Now, you can download your notarized document in PDF format.

How to Use Chase Bank's Notary Services

To take advantage of our notary services, follow these steps:

  1. Locate a Branch with a Notary: Not all branches may have a notary on-site. To find a Chase Bank branch with a notary, use our branch locator tool on our website or call our customer service line.
  2. Bring Valid ID: The notary will need to confirm your identity. A driver's license, passport, or other government-issued identification is typically acceptable.
  3. Don't Sign the Document in Advance: The notary must witness you signing the document. Do not sign it before your appointment.
  4. Bring All Necessary Parties: If the document requires multiple signatures, all parties must be present.

Which of the Chase Banks has notary services?

Could there be a Chase Bank notary service near me?  Yes, there is. Today, this bank has many branches and offices all over the United States.

It should be considered that Chase Bank is one of the biggest in the United States, and it gives its clients a first class service, including notary service.

To know which of its offices offer the notary Chase Bank service, locate a branch or an office near to you and ask if they count with the service. You just have to search on the official website.

There are also other banks that offer the notary service free like Chase Banks:

They are:

When is Chase Bank notary service available?

To find an available Chase Bank notary, the client must get an appointment first, because the certifiers are only available at certain hours a day.

It is only with an appointment that a notary can attend a client; on the contrary you would not be attended, so it is extremely important that before going to the notary that you assure that your document could be certified.

In this way, the client will avoid wasting time, because there are offices that limit certain kinds of documents, so it is better to be sure.

Chase Bank has notaries that can legally notarize any document even if the client is physically located outside the United States. But not all of the notaries can notarize documents that are in this situation, though.

If the client needs an International notarization, it will cost about $75.

Also, you can follow Chase Bank by its social media and ask any questions through its customer support:

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