Finding the cheapest food franchises to open in the United States is a matter of money and investment that is often the majority of immigrants’ topics. These people are looking forward to improving in one of the best world economies. But: what is a franchise? And what are the most recommended franchises for their low cost?

What is a franchise?

A franchise is defined as a contract between two companies to start business dealings to offer products and services. Among the clauses there are the geographical location where the commercial activity will take place, other dispositions and the way of payment.

A franchise activity depends on two important groups:

  • The franchisor:

This is the most important part of a franchise, because it gives the brand, a commercial name, the infrastructure’s design and the experience they have in the market.  The use of these elements would generate income; the condition is not to change things.

  • The franchisee:

This is the manager of the business and is the one making investments that are required to start the activity. Among the payments, there is the payment for the right to use the franchisor’s brand.

This payment also gives the franchisee the entrance to the business and the area’s geographical exclusivity that is established previously in the contract.

What are the cheapest franchises to open?

Every entrepreneur needs to put his/her business to work quickly. Therefore, to open a franchise could be considered an excellent option. And without a doubt, the cheapest franchises to start are those dealing with food. As food consumption is absolutely necessary and constant.

However, in this fast moving world, immigration and labor dynamic changes have to be considered. These changes have encouraged cleaning, maintenance and day care for adult franchises, because these activities are highly lucrative.

Among the cheapest franchises there are the followings:

  • Subway: The average investment is approximately 117 thousand dollars. Furthermore, the cost effectiveness is completely proven. For more information please go to its official webpage.
  • Baskin-Robbins:

This franchise’s investment could cost the same or less than the above, so it is an excellent option. For more information about how to obtain this franchise, enter its official webpage and click on “contact us”.

  • Auntie Anne’s: it has an official website with all the information to be able purchase the franchise that confections the most delicious and therefore most famous pretzels.
  • Jack in the Box:

Jack in the Box belongs to Qdoba Mexican Grill. A franchise of this commercial brand could cost a little more than 325 thousand dollars.

  • MaidPro:

Unlike the first three companies, this is a maintenance and commercial cleaning

entrepreneurship and the investment quota is very low. On its official website it displays reasonable prices for its franchise.

  • Cleaning Authority:

This entrepreneurship is similar to the above and according to the investment amount, the platform grants the clients. Its website has a form that the to-be franchisee should fill in.

  • Home Watch Care Givers:

This franchise is dedicated to care for the elderly. The investment to buy this franchise is only 50 thousand dollars, with which the franchisee receives elderly care training. All their information is on its official web page.

  • Mister Sparky:

With the last years’ incredible growth and proven cost effectiveness, this is an expert company for businesses and domestic repairs. It offers the franchise with instructions included. Its authorized website shows the advantages of its services.

  • Mosquito Squad:

It is a franchise that’s in charge of pest control and similar. The purchase of this franchise includes instructions. On its official blog there is all the information about them.

  • Puro Clean:

This is a remodeling company, and it offers a Janitorial and Building maintenance solution. On its official site it has all the information needed to purchase a franchise.

What are the cheapest franchises to buy?

The franchise investment price will mostly depend on the industry that the client chooses. It is not the same thing to invest in the hotel industry as to invest in a store or a restaurant.

If the person is looking for a way to undertake an entrepreneurship, she/he has a modest budget and does not want to have any economic risks when starting the project, it is better to get advice from the experts.

From the entrepreneurs and economists point of view, the cheapest franchises to open food in the United States are the following:

  • Super Glass Wind Shield Repair:

The initial investment to buy a franchise in its company goes from 5,000 to 17,500 dollars. For more information, follow them on Instagram.


Fitness world is a very good business opportunity and it does not need a big investment. On its blog, there is all the information to become an Associated Instructor.

  • Litle Kickers.

Teaching children to play football or soccer is very gratifying. This franchise takes a reasonable investment.  On its official page there is all the information regarding this interesting company.

Which are the most profitable fast-food franchises in the USA?

If a person wants to undertake a fast-food restaurant and they have sufficient capital for a high investment, go for the following profitable franchises:

  • Quiznos:

Quiznos has had a great development in the last years, so 10,000 dollars for a franchise is a real opportunity. The bet is very interesting and the candidate could use its web page to write his/her data and Quiznos’ personnel will contact the franchisee to channel the agreement.

  • Chester Chicken on the Run:

This franchise’s opportunity is on the online form which appears on its official platform.

  • Mucho Burrito:

Mexican food has become very popular. Therefore, this franchise is very profitable and it is a very good option to buy. Its official site Mucho Burrito gives the necessary information to obtain this fine business.

How much Money is needed to start a Chick-fil-A franchise

Among the top cheapest fast food franchises to open is Chick-fil-A. It only requires a very reasonable investment when it’s compared to other restaurant chains, which offer similar labor growth opportunities. At the moment, this chain is requesting franchisees for the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Chick-fil-A is without a doubt a cheap restaurant franchise, because it lets a person access its work dynamics for only 10 thousand dollars. On its official page, you can find all the information about the topic.

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