South Americans want to live in Miami. It is one of the most valued places for Latin Americans.  But first it is better to get a good knowledge of the cost of living in Miami before making plans.

This is a wonderful city, surrounded by sea, for the beach lovers. However, it is important to know the pros and cons of moving to this marvelous place.

In today’s world, migrating is a trend for many countries, because of many different reasons. People of all kinds are moving around the world in a search for better living.

If you are willing to leave all behind and migrate to Miami, discover the jobs that will permit you to live comfortably there.

Is it expensive to live in Miami? 

To live in another country is not easy. You must be able to adapt to a new way of living and culture. The price of products and services could be completely different from the country or place you come from.

For example, a family of 4 members needs about $5.523 monthly, that is why it is considered one of the most expensive cities, more than 70% of other cities in the USA.

You may have doubts about the exaggerated Miami cost of living, and this is because this city is a paradise, frequently visited by lots of tourists.

You may think that the money you could earn would not be sufficient to cover all the cost of living in Miami Florida. You can consult with more details the costs of the things.

It is true that Miami is one of the most beautiful places in the United States, but it is also one of the most expensive places to live.

It is worth knowing that this city is in the fourth position of best economies in the United States, where unemployment is only 3%. So jobs are not a worry to live in Miami.

Let’s see the minimum salary required to live comfortably in Miami and the available jobs to be able to pay for this way of life.

What salary do you need to live in Miami? 

If you want to move to Miami, it is necessary to earn at least 5,861 dollars a month, in case you are alone. But if there is a family of four, you should earn approximately 16,958 dollars.

To live in this city is really a dream as you can enjoy the most beautiful places, the beaches, the best gastronomy, parties and more. All of these factors make Miami a perfect place to live.

What’s the cost of living comfortably in Miami? 

If you don’t want to arrive in Miami without knowledge, it is important to make a budget considering the Miami Florida cost of living. In this way, you will be prepared and have sufficient money to live comfortably.

Therefore, it is necessary to get all the detailed information you can, about renting, food and transportation to live comfortably according to your requirements.

What is the average cost of living in Miami? 

The Miami Florida cost of living is expensive; however, with a good job it is possible.

The first thing to look for is a place to live. To be able to rent, it is necessary to show your accounts with sufficient money to cover at least one year rent.

Rents would depend on the area in which you want to live, therefore, to rent apartments could be from $ 1300 with one bedroom, up to $2600 with three bedrooms. So, in order to rent a one-bedroom apartment, your account should have more than $12000.

On the other hand, food is quite cheap, but at the moment, inflation is affecting the U.S. economy. This city was in the third position for the most expensive basic food needs.

If you live alone, you would probably want to eat at home every day and spend approximately between 200 and 300 dollars per week. But if you prefer to eat out the cost would be a little excessive.

If you are a student, living in Miami is expensive, because university education costs about 4,000 dollars apart from books and support material for classes.

Public transportation is not a profitable option, what is ideal is to buy a car. This would cost approximately 19,000 dollars apart from the register that has to be renovated yearly.

What are the available jobs in Miami to pay for comfortable living? 

If you are a professional, don’t worry, because this city has a lot of possibilities to find a job with great benefits.

The cost of living in Miami is very expensive, but there are a great variety of jobs, so as to be able to pay the high costs. Among the best paid jobs in Miami, there are the following:

  •       Finance: People who carry on this activity are ideal to work in: commercial centers or private bank corporations, but it is important to have some experience. Workers in this area earn between $23 and $ 27 per hour.
  •       Police: Even though it is difficult to get this kind of job, cops are fundamental to maintaining order in Miami. A police officer earns between 35,000 dollars to 102,000 dollars a year.
  •       Therapy Assistant: If you are a good health therapist, you can get a great number of patients who have suffered an accident or an injury of any kind. Therapy assistants’ wages go from 41,000 dollars to 81,000 dollars a year.
  •       Ultrasound technician: when this is your trade, you arrived at the right place as currently this is one of the most requested activities in Miami and the best paid. The annual wage is from 52,000 dollars to 101,000 dollars.
  •       Geriatric Caregiver: Many families and companies in Miami require these services, the wages go from 19,000 dollars to 32,000 dollars annually. There is a great demand for this kind of job.
  •       Nurses: This trade is the most wanted in Miami, so if you are dedicated to this activity, you are in the right place, as nurses are very hard to find.

To get nurses in the United States and many other countries is very, very difficult. A nurse earns from 35,000 to 107,000 dollars annually and these wages are increasing day by day.


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