When it comes to make business with your vehicle – either purchasing or selling it anywhere in the US – Craigslist is of the main platforms to think of. Now, if the intention is to purchase or put on sale Craigslist CT cars, there are a few things to consider.

Learn how to buy a car and take advantage of the best deal, as well as getting best price possible. But, why Craigslist? What are this website´s features? Let´s find out.

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What is Craigslist and why using it for buying or selling cars?

More specifically, Craigslist is an American classified advertisement website where users can post ads. According to the nature of each ad that is posted, it is included in different sections; service offerings, house renting, job offering, item selling and more.

Depending on the area to cover and origin of the ad, posting it on the website may cost from 75 to 10 dollars. Due to the amount of visitors a good ad might have and the business potential, usually Craigslist´s fee is considered worth it by advertisers.

Now, when it comes to vehicles and used cars for sale in CT by owner, Craigslist is a great option to purchase and sell them. For instance, through the platform you can get a car without reaching a dealership, where vehicles are expensive due to high markups and profit margins.

Instead, you get to do business quick and with no hassle by finding Craigslist cars and trucks in CT, New Haven, Hartford and basically any other city. However, due to this freedom there are some things to lookout, with the intention of having the best experience and finding the best deal.

Buying a vehicle on Craigslist: Tips on how to do it successfully

At first glance, picking up CT Craigslist cars can be quite overwhelming because of the multiple options in type of vehicle, color, prices, location, condition and more.

Nevertheless, with the tips we are going to give you, from narrowing the listing to pick the best car with most suitable price and vendor will be possible.

If narrowing listings is neglected and the whole buying process rushed without considering matters previously mentioned, there is risk of making a bad deal. On short and long term, purchasing the wrong car may bring expenses and the worse time overall.

Whether you are purchasing a SUV, a sedan or a truck off Craigslist, follow these tips and guarantee the best and most successful deal:

  • Defining and narrowing your search

With so many options, narrowing and defining your search on Craigslist regarding your car is the way to go, due to thousands of options available.

To begin with, you must be sure about the type of vehicle you want; a truck, or maybe a van, a coupe, a hatchback or convertible. Secondly, you must have clear about one thing; price and how much you can afford.

With those two aspects taken care of, narrowing the search becomes a piece of cake. You can use filters and specify the search even more, choosing concrete brand, color and location, always within budget and your requirements.

  • Size up car listing and suitable vehicle options

Narrowing your search allows you to pick suitable vehicle candidates for purchase that match your search intent. Now, every car listed that catches your attention must show model, brand and year of the vehicle, as well as trim.

Also, such description must match with the photos of the listed vehicle. Make sure the car is in good condition taking advantage of the images. At this stage, evaluating the price is a good idea as well, with both overpricing and underpricing being huge red flags.

  • Contact seller and set a meeting for car inspection

Let´s say you have found the perfect car in price, type and brand. The next step is actually calling the seller, without setting a meeting just yet. Remember, as interested buyer you do not know the person selling the vehicle, their customs and financial records.

As such, call the seller first and also text them to find more information about the vehicle. Ask for possible current damage, loan on the car and more importantly request photos of the auto´s property title and history report.

In this way, the requested documentation will let you know car loans, number of owners and general car history in terms of incidentals.

If you like what you see as a car option – no loans, a few owners and no major damage in the past – feel free to set a meeting to inspect the car. Check the vehicle in daylight and public places, and verify oil, engine and external conditions.

But more importantly; drive the vehicle. If any sound appears, request taking the vehicle for a mechanical safety inspection, or leave it for another option.

  • Negotiate the car and exchange money and title

If you are convinced the vehicle is for you, negotiate by asking 15% discount and go from there. Also, do not doubt asking for price deduction if a problem appear in the inspection.

If both parts agree and make business, follow these two tips: make sure the person selling the car is actually the owner, checking their name and comparing it with the title and his or her driver´s license.  Secondly, make sure the VIN number on the car marches the one on the property title.

Finally, pay for the vehicle. It is advisable to pay over PayPal and similar services, as well as cash. Avoid solutions like service gift cards and money orders.

Final recommendations

As final general recommendation after finding and buying the best Craigslist used car as possible in CT, you must carry out the paperwork.

In simple words, go to the DMV and register the car to your name and transfer the property title. While getting the registration cost money and taxes, it will allow you to obtain auto insurance and actually refers the vehicle as yours, from legal and any other stand point.

Another advice to consider is taking the process easily and with no rush, always listening to your gut. Never pay upfront and pay attention to any possible suspicious situation. In the end, auto offers on Craigslist only grow every day, with new vehicles listed in your city to see.


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