To complete with success a deep cleaning house checklist the best idea is to contract a specialized company, because this kind of task usually takes a long time, and it requires great effort to eliminate all the dirt and filth that鈥檚 hidden in a house. 

There are known companies that can help in this process, discover here which companies are the best. 

What is included in a deep cleaning of a house? 

What you should know about a house deep cleaning checklist is that it鈥檚 not only about getting rid of the dirt and dusting, it is so much deeper than just an exhaustive cleaning, so that the family feels comfortable at home. 

Deep cleaning requires a lot of effort and time, and this is the important thing that many people do not have. That is way, they usually contact the help of experts to maintain their house fresh and clean.

A home will considerably improve its environment if a good company is contracted who has a complete house deep cleaning checklist. It is not completely necessary to have a daily service, but it is a great help to have this kind of cleaning occasionally or periodically. 

Especially, when you move into a new house, or have an event at your home or simply want a cleaner house, there are expert companies with the specialized tools to leave your home completely spick-and-span.

What are the steps to a deep cleaning? 

There is a deep cleaning house checklist PDF from which these steps could be followed: 

  • Start by ordering the place before starting to follow the deep cleaning checklist, clear away the things that are not necessary from the room, in this way, it will be easier to clean.
  • Start cleaning from the highest part of the rooms, like ceilings, lamps, walls and the areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Then, focus on cleaning the windows. Even though, they seem difficult, with a few tips it鈥檚 really simple.
  • After, it is the moment to remove the dust that is on the lamps, furniture, and shelves.
  •  Finally, clean the floor. Move all the furniture so that no dirt is left in the place they are.
  • Remember that each area of the house has their own steps for a deep cleaning, as the bedrooms, the kitchen and the hall.

Here鈥檚 the full checklist:

Entire Home:

To keep your home feeling clutter free and orderly, do these 6 things every week:

1. Clean up any dirt or dust from earlier in the week before it accumulates and becomes harder to tackle later on.

2. Mop hard surfaces like floors, stairs and cabinets every week to remove excess dirt and germs from daily foot traffic.

3. Wash dirty laundry every week in a sealable plastic bag in case there are any contaminants that might ruin other clothes later in their drying cycle.

4. Take care when grocery shopping by avoiding plastic containers that may leak chemicals onto other foods inside during transport; instead bring cloth bags if possible

5. Repel unwanted pests with outdoor cleaners regularly used on decks

6. Clutter plus work equals happiness right?


  • Deep clean fridge: Clean the inside and behind
  • Deep clean oven
  • Clean backsplash and counters
  • Deep clean dishwasher
  • Clean microwave
  • Clear out the fridge and throw away any food that is no longer needed
  • Clean cabinets & organize
  • Get rid of expired food and clean out the pantry
  • Mop and sweep floor
  • Holder for clean utensils
  • Clean coffee maker


  • Recycle any toiletries that are no longer needed
  • Clean grout (recommended product Magic Eraser).
  • Wash shower curtain & scrub liner
  • Wash rugs
  • Clean the mirror using a glass cleaner
  • Brush holder
  • Clean bath/shower & faucet
  • Clean sink & faucet
  • Clean toilet: interior, base & tank
  • Organize cabinets & toiletries

Laundry room

  • Laundry machine cleaned
  • Clean dryer
  • Clean & remove any extra lint
  • Vacuum washer and dryer


  • Clean electronics
  • Remotes should be removed
  • Vacuum sofa, wash pillow covers, and throw blankets
  • Shampoo carpet/mop hardwood floors
  • Rugs can be washed or shampooed


  • Throw blankets, pillows covers, and bedding can be washed.
  • Flip or rotate mattress
  • Get rid of all clothes and drawers
  • All clothing can be folded and hung
  • Dust end tables and dressers
  • Get curtains washed
  • Clean under bed


  • Arrange and store paperwork
  • Clean electronics and dust
  • Organize drawers


  • Clean gutters
  • Clean outdoor furniture
  • Clean doors
  • Clean porch
  • Clean and organize your shed or garage
  • Pressure wash outdoor surfaces

How long does it take to follow a house deep cleaning checklist? 

The time to follow a deep house cleaning checklist depends on certain factors. If the house has about three rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining room, the cleaning could take about 8 hours.  

However, if the house is bigger, with pets and children, the cleaning time could be so much longer, and even though the task seems easy, the truth is that most people do not have the time neither the energy to carry out the work.

That鈥檚 why, it is better to contract a specialized company in the area to be able to carry out the whole house deep cleaning checklist and avoid the hard work implied.

Companies that carry out deep cleaning 

The information about the companies that carry out house deep cleaning, so that your home can be in superb conditions are the following:

Molly Maid

Molly Maid: This important franchise has many years of experience working in this field. They will leave any home spick-and-span. When the home is a bit messy, it is time to seek the help and Molly Maid has the best service.

  • Address: 5251 110th Ave N Ste 101, Clearwater, FL 33760. USA.
  • Phone: +1 727 240 3547
  • Working hours: From Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

Clean Sweep of America

This firm is ideal for any kind of cleaning, regularly or occasionally. They are specialist in house deep cleaning and have their checklist for each room. They also have the highest trained staff.

Clean Sweep of America has the right tools to accomplish this task successfully. Their contacts are:  

  • Address: 2600 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38112, USA
  • Phone: +1 901-861- 3967
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm.


MaidPro: They offer a complete checklist for deep cleaning a house service, and they are available to clean any kind of house. You do not have to worry about the cost, because this firm adapts to your budget.

MaidPro has many other benefits, so it is important to have all the information about this company.

  • Address: 3135 SW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33129, USA.
  • Phone: +1 305-759-6011.
  • Working hours: Every day from 8 am to10 pm.

The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority: This is a company that鈥檚 worth hiring. They offer their services nation-wide, so you can call them from any part of the country.

The company has a system to ensure that the house has been left in perfect conditions. So, this is all the information to contact them:

  • Address: 267 NW 82nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126, USA.
  • Phone: +1 786-661-1611
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday until 5 pm

Tidy Building

Tidy Building: It offers one of the best cleaning attentions you could get, and it is not necessary to sign a contract to enjoy their services. So, to avoid the problems with other companies, just contact Tidy. 

Just download their App and use any of their services. Following are other contacts:

  • Address: 609 W William David Pkwy # 202, Metairie, LA 70005, USA.
  • Phone: +1 504-838-9843
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5pm. 
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