Want to go bargain hunting in New York City? Then hopefully you’ll still have plenty of room in your suitcase because the best stores in New York City are waiting for you here! From Woodbury to Jersey Gardens, here we’ll tell you about the most popular outlets and now tell you where you can find the best discounts in New York. 

New York is a shopper’s paradise. From the designer boutiques on Fifth Avenue to the hottest stores in SoHo to the trendy thrift stores in Williamsburg, you can easily shop from one end of the city to the other.

But one thing’s for sure: the best deals are outside Manhattan.

At the outlets on the city’s doorstep, you’ll not only find plenty of trendy stores in one place but also deep discounts on designer goods and your favorite brands. We’ve sampled the most popular outlet centers in and around New York – here come our bargain-guaranteed favorites!

All the prices you see on your shopping tour in New York City are mostly net prices excluding VAT. Some outlets like Jersey Gardens Outlet are located in New Jersey instead of New York for a good reason – there’s no VAT there! 

So, if you really want to save money and still want to shop in New York as cheaply as possible, you can go to neighboring New Jersey. More on this in a moment.

Is outlet shopping cheaper?

Outlets are generally cheaper because they sell products that may have been over-produced and didn’t sell well in regular stores, for example, in Manhattan. That is why some items at the outlet cost less than 50% of the normal retail store price.

However, there are also companies in the retail sector that even make products, especially for the outlets. In any case, you will usually get branded items at the outlet store much cheaper.

Most outlets offer an additional coupon booklet with which you can get additional discounts. These range from Buy 1 get 1 free to 60% off at certain stores. You can get them for free at the information desk, it’s worth it!

But let’s start talking in detail about the stores we consider to be the most popular and where you can get the best discounts 

The Empire Outlets in Staten Island

When it comes to outlets in New York City, you’ve had to accept increasingly longer trips by bus or car. Now, however, you can get to the new Empire Outlet Center conveniently and for free by ferry in just 25 minutes.

More than 100 outlet stores have set up stores at Empire Outlets directly at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, including well-known brands such as Nike, Levis, Guess, Converse, Banana Republic, popular chains like H&M, GAP, and many others. stores in all price segments.

Advantages: Close to the city, accessible free of charge.

Of course, the choice of restaurants is huge and growing all the time. At Empire Outlets, for example, Shake Shack, Wasabi, Wetzels Pretzels, and, of course, Starbucks await hungry shoppers.

But how do you get here? The best way to get to Empire Outlets is to take the free Staten Island Ferry – you’ll be there in just 25 minutes and have a wonderful boat ride too!

Another place worth visiting is Woodbury Common Premium Outlet is less than 1 hour from Manhattan. With over 220 stores, this store in Central Valley New York is one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. 

Instead of a boring mall, Woodbury Outlet is designed like a small village. One cute little house is adjacent to the next and behind every door are great deals: shopping is fun!

At Woodbury Common, every label has a store that has a name: Burberry, Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, as well as Nike, Adidas, Under Amour, Ugg Boots, Hunter, and Timberland are sold here at rock-bottom prices.

From Manhattan, you can reach Tanger Outlets in approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. There you will find almost every brand name manufacturer: Nike, Boss, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Puma, Diesel, Levis, Lacoste, UGG, Michael Kors, and many more.

How do I get to Tanger Outlets? The easiest way to get to Tanger Outlets is with a rental car, especially if you want to explore the Hamptons anyway.

At the Jersey Gardens Outlet Center

The Jersey Gardens Outlet is one of the most popular outlets near New York. With more than 200 stores, Jersey Gardens offers all the well-known brands as well as major designers, as well as sportswear from Nike, Under Amour & Adidas, brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Victoria’s Secret 

You can also find an outlet for the fashion department store Saks. Fifth Avenue. In addition to clothing, you’ll also find jewelry, electronics, Disney, Lego, and Toys «R» Us toys, as well as a movie theater.

Since the outlet center is in New Jersey, you don’t have to pay VAT, so you save almost 9% compared to shopping in New York.

How to get to Jersey Gardens Outlet? You can easily get to the Jersey Gardens Outlet by bus in half an hour. Buses run very regularly about once an hour.

Now you know the best outlets near New York City and can go bargain hunting. However, the question remains what is really the most outlet shopping.

When it comes to discounts, we can clearly say that it almost doesn’t matter which outlet you choose. You will find great deals and great brands.

Stores in New York where to buy discounted clothing: Macy’s

They are the most famous department store in New York and boast of being the largest in the world. The ideal place to shop for the best clothes and where to buy cheap in New York.
It is located in Herald Square, between 7 Th, 34 ST and Broadway, has nine floors where you can buy everything, much like the Corte Ingles in Spain. It is one of the places we recommend to buy clothes in New York and where we always catch a lot of bargains.

They usually have offers with very good conditions, especially in clothing brands that are much more expensive in Spain. Also, if you carry your passport, you can ask for a tourist card that will give you a 10% discount.

Not everyone knows this, and it is worth it because it accumulates to most of the offers they have in the store. You ask for it on the second floor, just look for the Visitor Center. There you have to present your passport or ID, and they give you the card on the spot (Valid for 1 month).

Something to keep in mind is the small print on the card, where it indicates the departments and brands that do not include the discount.Ask if what you buy is included before you go to the cashier.

What’s worth shopping for in New York? OMG and DAVE’s (levis store)

OMG The jeans store, is a chain with very good prices, especially for Levi’s jeans. Undoubtedly, one of the stores where it is worth buying Levis in New York. There are several, so the only thing you have to do is look for which one is closest to you and choose the model of pants once you are there.

Except for the deals you can find at Macy’s, that’s where we’ve found them the cheapest. The OMG store in Times Square is located at 1658 Broadway.

What is your favorite outlet? 

We have a clear favorite: Woodbury Common Premium Outlet.

This is where we simply have the most fun shopping, because not only does it offer the most variety and deep discounts, but also a really beautiful setting.

Now, of course, we’re curious to see which outlet you’ve chosen in New York. So feel free to share your experience in the comments below and let us know where you’ve found the best deals.

If you’re looking for more tips and directions for shopping in New York, just take a look here: Shopping in New York: the best places and expert tips.

We hope you enjoy your New York bargain hunting!

Where to buy cheap in New York. Cheap shopping and stores in New York

How many times have you dreamed of going shopping in New York ? Well, if you want to  buy cheap in New York those bargains you’ve heard so much about, here are some of our must-have STORES, OUTLET and GREAT WAREHOUSES in New York.

Tips for shopping in New York

Where to change dollars?

We have discovered a new option to be able to compare where to change dollars to go to New York.

Ria, an online currency exchange website. From its website it is managed in just two steps:

  • Choose the currency you have (EUROS)
  • Select the currency you want (US DOLLARS)

They have a calculator where you enter the amount you want to take on a trip (EUROS), and it indicates the exact amount you will receive (US DOLLARS), without any commission.

If you click on «book now» it gives you the option of office pick-up or home delivery with the euro-dollar exchange that is being applied to us.

⭐ For being a reader of Organizotuviaje you have a discount code . In order for them to apply it to you, you have to type in «Promocode»: ORGANIZE

As in any purchase, the ideal is that you compare , in this case with your bank, and if Ria is the best option, congratulations. You got the best change.

Withdraw money at any ATM or pay without commissions: CARDS for shopping in New York

The card we use to travel, a free VISA . The Bnext is prepaid and works through an APP, it does not charge you a commission to pay in any currency other than the Euro and also allows you to withdraw cash from any ATM without commissions for currency exchange up to 3 times a month.

💡 We have used it in countries like Australia, the United States, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia or Malaysia… and it works great !!

What is the best outlet to go shopping in New York? Woodbury Premium Outlet

📍 Address : 498 Red Apple Ct, Central Valley, NY

It is a Factory-Outlet located in New Jersey , with a large number of top brand stores at very affordable prices and without New York taxes. The best outlet to buy cheap in New York .

How to get to Woodbury on your own, the best outlet in New York

You can get to this outlet in New York with the buses that leave from the Port Authority station for USD 42 Round trip (But we recommend you do the shopping tour in New York, since it costs the same, it is more comfortable and also It includes a discount book. We will explain it to you below).

Recommendation: Before going, sign up on the Outlet’s own WEB , Premium Outlets , in Vip Club to get a discount book, which if you buy there, it will cost you USD 10.

In addition, if you register on the websites of the brands where you plan to buy, the higher they will send you their discounts. Columbia and Levi`s work great, from experience 😉

The truth is that shopping catches up, and with the trips and time you spend from store to store, you spend almost the entire day.

Take a shopping TOUR in New York

Another option is to book a SHOPPING TOUR to the cheapest OUTLET in New York , so that they take you and bring you, forgetting about transfers. The one we leave you here is in Spanish and they also give you the book with FREE discount coupons , without having to register before on your own.

This excursion compensates 100% since it costs the same as going on your own , with the advantage that you save yourself from traveling to the bus station and looking for the bus.

The meeting point is Times Square, impossible more comfortable !! In addition, when you book this excursion you have included the discount coupon book for the outlets. The price of this book for those who do it for free is USD10.

This tour has 3 daily departures : 8:30 am, 9:30 am and 11:30 am. To return there are also 3 options: 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. You can take any of these buses. Keep in mind that the cost of going on your own by bus is similar.

Stores in New York where to buy clothes with discounts: Macy’s

They are the most famous department store in New York and claim to be the largest in the world. The ideal place to do the best shopping for clothes and where to buy cheap in New York.

Where is Macy’s

📍 Location : Herald Square, between 7th, 34th and Broadway

Nine floors where you can buy everything, very similar to the English Court in Spain. It is one of the places that we recommend you to buy clothes in New York and where we always tend to catch many bargains.

They usually have offers with very good conditions, especially in clothing brands that in Spain are much more expensive. Also, if you carry your passport, you can ask for a tourist card with which they will give you a 10% discount.

This is not known by everyone, and it is worth it because it adds up to most of the offers they have in the store. It is ordered on the first floor, you just have to look for the Visitor Center . There you have to present your passport or ID, and they give you the card at the moment (Valid for 1 month).

Something to keep in mind is the small print on the card, where it indicates the departments and brands that do not include the discount. Ask if what you buy is included, before going to checkout 😉

Traveling curiosity : The wooden escalators that take you from one floor to another are the oldest in the world still in operation. It is not that they are outdated, they are a gem!

 If you are a fan of VICTORIA SECRET , in Herald Square (right next to Macy’s) you have a store where you can lose your mind, with the most glamorous underwear on the planet. The one on 5th Avenue, another mandatory stop. It is one of those places where it is cool to enter, if only to look. For us, a mandatory stop whenever we go 😉

What is worth buying in New York? OMG and DAVE’s (levis store)


OMG The jeans store

OMG is a chain with very good prices, especially for Levi’s jeans. Without a doubt, one of the stores where Levis is most worth buying in New York. There are several, so all you have to do is find which one is closest to you and choose a trouser model once you are there.

Except for the offers you can find at Macy’s, it is where we have found them cheapest.

📍 We usually go to OMG in Times Square, located exactly at 1658 Broadway .

Dave´s New York

A store that we discovered during our last trip to New York in 2022. At Dave’s New York we saw good prices on brands such as Levi’s, Carhartt, Columbia, Schott or Dickies. You can buy cheap pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, boots or winter parkas.


Department stores where to buy very cheap in New York: Century 21

📍 Location : 21 Dey St, New York

Our favorite recommendation if you want to buy cheap in New York . 💡 Currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, although their website indicates that they will open soon in 2022.

Multi-story department store located at Ground Zero, directly across from The Oculus subway station at the World Trade Center. You see it as soon as you leave.

If you don’t know what to bring from New York, at Century 21 you can buy cheap clothes with discounts, as well as accessories, perfumes or footwear. They have great brands at a very good price. It is like the English Cut of «Opportunities», but much bigger.

There are bargains, among many things that you would not buy even if they gave it to you, and that depends on what is available at that time, because they do not have all the sizes and models. In any case, an essential visit to buy cheap in New York.


Where to find bargains in New York? Tj Maxx, one of the cheapest clothing and accessories stores

📍 Location : 14 Wall St, New York

Another of our clothing stores where you can shop in New York . You also have one well located, in the financial district. The store we always go to, next to the Stock Exchange, at 14 Wall St. Mandatory stop if you want to buy cheap in New York.

You have to go down some escalators and although it is not very visible, it is signposted from the outside. It catches you near Century 21, with which you can buy several bargains in New York on the same day. Depending on whether you are going to visit the Stock Exchange or as you go down to take the ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty. In either case, there are 3 others in New York.

At Tj Maxx you have clothes, accessories, shoes, perfumery … and here they also sell all kinds of brands at a great price. From Under Armor, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Tommy,…. You can find loose sizes at mind-blowing discounts, but also (as in Century 21) spending a little time searching and browsing.


Buy cheap in New York


Marshalls, a store where you can shop in New York

📍 125 West 125th Street – Harlem Center

From the same chain as TJ Maxx and the same style of sale and products. Although we like TJ Maxx better. However, there are several Marshalls New York stores for shopping in Manhattan . You can search on their website for the store that is closest to you .

We leave you the address of one that is in Harlem, in case it suits you to go shopping the day you go to see a Gospel Mass , another of the essential stops on a visit to New York.

Stores where to buy cheap electronics in New York? Take aim, B&H

📍 Location : 420 9th Ave, New York

If what you are looking for are electronics stores in New York such as computers, cameras and accessories, binoculars. At B&H you will surely find the best prices. The best store to buy cheap in New York.

In addition, the visit is only worth it because of how curious the store is and the method of sale. It is only served by men, and the advice has always been perfect. They also serve you in Spanish without problems.

What is most striking is that once you have tried and chosen the item, through a network of conveyor belts and elevators that they have around the premises, you will see how your purchase «travels» to the checkout line, where you will be charged.

⭐ More recommended stores to buy electronics in New York is J&R. You have one at 23 Park Row , and the other at 151 West 34th Street. And now they have opened a J&R Express inside Macy’s.

And one last recommendation to buy technology, another well known and with good prices: Best Buy . You have a store in New York on 5th and 44th.

Where to buy jewelry in New York? A classic, Tiffany’s

Now, yes. The place in capital letters to buy jewelry in New York . And I do not tell you anything if you are a girl, or you go with one. The brightest brilliants in all of New York with you. That the same are not the best, we do not understand much, but the glamor of the place will prevent you from finding a better place to walk among rocks, because as Audrey Hepburn said in Breakfast with diamonds: «Red days are terrible and at those times the only thing that suits me is to go to Tiffany’s, because nothing bad can happen to me there »…



You will find Tiffany’s when you walk down 5th Avenue , very close to Central Park. And of course, you have to enter. Don’t be in a hurry, even if you’re not going to buy. You can walk through the store without problem, do not cut the luxury and scandal prices.

📍 The original is currently being renovated (opening in 2022), but you can visit an amazing store next door: Tiffany Flagship Next Door , at 6 East 57th Street.

💡 The floors where you can find items at a reasonable price are the last 2. They boast of having accessible items for any pocket.




And if you are in love with fashion and you get the New York Pass (which we recommend because you save money), know that they have a tour that you will like a lot: Fashion Window Walking Tour .

Because shopping has its point, but seeing the windows of the most expensive stores in New York , for some, too 😉

Where to buy knockoffs in New York? In chinatown

Along with Little Italy, Chinatown is one of the neighborhoods of Manhattan that are always visited and that we recommend you visit to shop in New York . And above all, getting lost in its narrow streets, which are really cool.

See the lacquered ducks in restaurants, ginger by weight, Chinese items in any little shop… We love it.

But in terms of shopping, it is along Canal Street where you will find shops and stalls with all kinds of souvenir items, NY and the heart to the top 🧡. The quintessential place to buy cheap in New York.


Buy cheap in New York


It is more than likely that they will offer you luxury imitations while you are walking through Chinatown, but the truth is that we do not recommend buying anything, especially seeing the prices that are in stores like Century 21 or TJ Maxx for original items.

And we tell you from experience, because logically when years ago imitations were sold in all stores, we bought watches that when we got home they did not work. The same with perfumes, which when opened at home did not resemble the original at all. It is convenient to pay a little more, and buy the original in any perfumery or at the airport.


Where to buy second-hand clothes in New York? Definitely at The Goodwill Store

📍 Location : on the 5th with the W14

If you are one of those who are enthusiastic about buying used clothing in good condition, take a look at The Googwill Store . The best store to buy second-hand clothes in New York.

We give you the address of one that is next to Fifth Avenue, and where everything you buy is used for charitable purposes . It is something like the Reto stores in Spain.

My cousin (who lives there) recommended these stores to us in New York. He told us that there are very good bargains, especially expensive clothes that people with money from the area give away.


Where to buy cosmetics and drugstore in New York? In any Pharmacy

Stick with the word Pharmacy when you’re out in New York . You will see several chains such as Wallgreens Pharmacy and CVS Pharmacy , and forget about the concept that we have in Spain of a pharmacy .

In the United States it is something like a cosmetics and drugstore where you can also buy drinks, sandwiches, food … as well as medicines. Another of the best places to buy cheap in New York.

Eva likes to go into the Pharmacy to compare prices, on creams and cosmetics. Depending on the brand, it is much cheaper than in Spain, especially Neutrogena and Eucerin .


24-hour stores to shop in New York: Seven Eleven

Those 24-hour stores where you can buy a donut and coffee for breakfast, as well as a packet of tobacco at a kidney price. They are one of the best resources for emergency shopping in New York .

This is where we usually buy Carmex lip cocoa . Much cheaper than in Spain.

Where to buy cheap souvenirs in New York? Look for Dollar Tree, the 1 dollar stores

And in case you had not noticed, we have been telling you where to buy cheap, leaving the stores with lower prices for last. In New York there are also 1 dollar stores where you can buy very cheap souvenirs.

Dollar Tree is like all 100 stores in Spain, where you can buy everything you can imagine and what you can’t, for a dollar.

It is worth going for a walk, but we warn you. Catch !! You have one in Times Square to buy souvenirs and souvenirs for 99 cents. More savings, impossible 😉 His name is Grand Slam .

Buy cheap in New York

And with this last recommendation to buy cheap in New York , we are done. Have you got everything ready to go shopping in New York ? We hope you enjoy it!! And if you have another day available, we have compiled some excursions from New York with which you can complete the trip 😉


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