$ 300 additional if you do not pay a ticket in the USA

If you have a ticket either for running the red light or for any other reason, you have to pay it as soon as possible. Officials in the United States are very strict and the consequences of not paying a ticket in the USA will bring you more problems.

The fine will be higher

For example, in California you have 90 days to pay the fine or plead guilty. The courts consider 90 days to be a prudent time for you to get the money and pay it off. But if you spend time then you will have to pay an additional 300 dollars.

But it doesn’t stop there alone, because if you don’t pay the fine and don’t pay the $ 300 either, then your case will be taken to collections and you have to appear in court.

But to avoid all that, the only thing you have to do if you cannot pay the fine is to go to court and speak with the judge to clarify your situation and maybe they will be able to remove the fine.

License suspension

As we have already seen, by not paying a ticket you will be increasing the amount of money you have to pay. But not only that but if you do not pay the ticket and do not appear in court, then your driver’s license can be suspended. In addition, you will have to pay a fee to reinstate your license once the court authorizes.

Misdemeanor charges

Over time, in many places, unpaid fines can lead to misdemeanor charges if you receive a court notice for your traffic problem. When you do not appear in court as you have been summoned, the court can accuse you of “failure to appear.” The FTA is a violation of the written promise you made when signing the speeding ticket at the time of the ticket. The courts always disapprove of breach of contract, but they take especially strict measures. In addition to a misdemeanor, the court can also charge you with a non-payment violation.


In the most extreme situations, unpaid traffic tickets can lead to an arrest warrant. Although this does not usually happen if you do not pay a fine for speeding but it may be the case that you have:

  • Various points on your record
  • Outstanding criminal record
  • Extreme disrespect for the court
  • Disrespect towards the officer

If this happens to you, it is important that you contact an attorney immediately.

Information source: www.ticketclinic.com

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