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How to Clean an Aftermarket Air Filter

Aftermarket air filters are air filters used in our wheels like motorcycles, boats and cars. As an air filter, it aims to remove solid particles from the air like microorganisms, mold, dirt and dust. This device is composed of wiry materials or lather that could affect mechanical energy and revolution in wheels. Aftermarket air filters prolong the air flow into the motor that combines with fuel to produce more pressure and efficacy to a wheel.

With its very important role played in the wheels, aftermarket air filters should be cleaned just like any other air filters.

Aftermarket air filters can be cleaned by following this procedure:

  • Look the air filter box of the wheel in the motor chamber. (You may refer to the manual for its correct location.)
  • Get the box. Loosen the clamps or screws at the tip of the box that houses the air filter and open the air filter box. You may find that the air filter is clamped and screwed into place. To release the air filter from the box, you can use a screwdriver or wrench. When it is detached, you can pull it out. Make sure not to let any pollutants enter into the filter box (like dust or dirt).
  • Detach the filter. Most of these filters are made of a cotton-gauze material coated in super-secret oil. You may use a vacuum to start cleaning the air filter. Move the hose over all parts of the air filter to sip up any dirt or dust that may have caught inside. You can also shake it out to get any extra dust.
  • Take a dust cloth and run it over the air filter. Use a dry cloth and remember not to apply any cleaning chemicals. Using chemicals may destroy the air filter and require you to make an alternative or get a new one.
  • Clean the inside part of the box or air filter box with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner before putting it again.
  • Put back the air filter into its box and screw the air filter back in place.

With the financial difficulty that the world is experiencing today, it’s still best to use and reuse than buying new ones (unless you got lots of money to spend.) One thing that makes some filters unique is the fact that they can be rewash and reuse. Most aftermarket filters use oil and some are now dry means. Don’t over oil the air filters for it can disturb the sensors. If you should see any some spillage, just wipe it off with a clean rag. There are many ads on air filters and they all sound great, but be careful not to be deceived. Get only a high flow air filter from a trustworthy brand or may ask someone reliable. Always remember not to use any industrial cleaners or do improper cleaning methods for they can only do damage to the air filters. Keep air filters clean. With the proper cleaning, these filters will offer years of reliable service to your motor and help you save much.

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K&N Motorcycle Air Filters – How to Clean Thursday 10th of March 2011
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