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AJKO How To Clean

One of the least known of the OG Jordan I model is the AJKO. The details are classic that attracts attention to its antique feature because of the mid sole that was designed to have a yellowish discoloration. Here are some simple tips on how to clean this up.

Here are some easy ways to lighten it up:

  • Prepare all the materials needed for cleaning like basin, brush, soap and water. This will save time and effort upon cleaning.
  • Get some water and soap. Any kind of soap will do but there are great detergent powders or liquid soaps that can easily removed stains or discolorations that are available in the market.
  • Remove the shoelaces and midsoles and set them aside. These should be washed separately.
  • Fill the basin with water and add some detergent soap to make soapy water. Put the shoe laces and midsole. Hand wash the laces and a brush could be use to clean the midsoles. An old toothbrush will also do the job.
  • Then rinse it with running water and hang dry under direct sunlight or with a use of a dryer. Once it is dry, set aside until the shoes is done cleaning.
  • A baby wipe or damp cloth can also be use in getting rid of yellowish discoloration in the shoes. Just wipe it until it starts to look whiter.
  • If you can find a nail polish remover try to use it on the shoes. Get some cotton balls and pour an ample amount of nail polish and gently wipe it on mid sole.
  • To get the shoes thoroughly clean, get a basin with soapy water and wash the shoes. Using the brush, scrub gently each side including the sole and inside part.
  • Thoroughly rinse with running water until soap residue is gone. Then thoroughly wipe it with wet towel then followed with a cloth and let it dry. Hang the shoes were it can get enough air but not with direct sunlight. Refrain from using machine wash and dryer because this might harm the shoes.

The AJKO is designed to have a yellowing sole. This is to give a twist to the vintage look of the shoes. Getting rid of the yellow stain is very easy and hassle free because it can be removed easily.

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