Amniotic Fluids After A Home Birth How To Clean

In contemporary society, a vast number of pregnant mothers are choosing home child birth rather than hospital childbirth. Some mothers-to-be feel safe and comfortable delivering the baby at home with the husband’s presence. However, problems appear during the so-called “after care” or fixing things and cleaning up after the babies arrival. The majority of pregnant mothers tend to break their bag of water after the final stage of labor while others tend to break with a sudden gush of blood and amniotic fluid at the first stage of labor.

The good thing to note is that amniotic fluid doesn’t leave a stain and takes minimum effort which is easier to clean up. However, blood stain from childbirth takes time and usually harder to get rid. Fortunately, taking few easy steps before the time of delivery can make the cleaning process trouble-free.

These are the step by step instructions:

  • Prepare all the bed linens including the old and the new ones before the expected date of childbirth. The bottom part should comprise a clean mattress or sheet then followed by a water resistant sheet like a plastic sheet or a shower curtain so that it won’t accumulate the clean mattress found at the bottom. The older sheet should be placed at the top portion. The old sheet will serve as the outside covering of the mattress so that you will not worry much of the stain.
  • Next thing to consider is to prevent from staining the carpet especially if the pregnant woman is still in a dilemma of wanting a water home birth or not. Simply get a plastic sheet on the floor. The sheet should be handy and clean because this is where the mother-to-be will lie down and it should be proximal to the birth tub and the bed. With this, it facilitates an easy transfer between the birth tub and the bedroom without having to worry on staining the carpet or floor.
  • If you have carpet protectant like Scotchguard, you can start spraying the parts of the carpet where you may possibly walk through as you move around the corner of the house during the active phase of labor and delivery. This helps facilitate easier clean up and wiping off the carpet even if your bag of water breaks as you go through labor.
  • You can also use disposable pads as these are more ideal and convenient to use. You can just throw away after childbirth. The sizes of these pads are similar with the size of a big towel and these are available in an online childbirth store.
  • For an effort free clean up, make use of your birth attendants or midwives during the “after care”. Midwives and birth assistants usually offers help and volunteer themselves for cleaning after child delivery. They mostly take care of the soiled lines and mattresses. With this, you will have more time welcoming the baby’s arrival and enjoying the precious moments together.

In cases wherein your carpet gets stained with blood, and other bloody products, just use a solution of half ammonia and half water and pour it in the stained area. However, if the stain gets dried up before you were able to notice it, make a solution of salt, hydrogen peroxide and water and apply it to the stained area blot with an old cloth. Bear in mind that most home deliveries are not as chaotic as compared to hospital births because episiotomies are seldom done. Thus, this means less bleeding and less bleeding connotes to less stain.

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