Anesthesia Technician Salary

¿Anesthesia technician salary? If you want to know how much an anesthetist earns in Argentina, because they have told you that it is one of the best paid jobs in Argentina, we tell you that these professionals earn an average of 34,883 ARS per month.

Do you want to know why this profession suits you? Keep reading!

Paid anesthetist

A anesthetist technician With 1 – 3 years of experience you can earn ARS 26,958 per month. A very interesting salary for those who are almost recent graduates.

But this gets better:

The salary of an anesthetist in Argentina With more than 8 years of experience, it is around 43,550 ARS per month.

Let’s get to know this professional a little more …

What is an anesthesiologist technician?

A anesthetist technician is an allied health professional, assistant to the anesthesiologist, who is in charge of administering anesthesia doses, through the application of techniques and the use of technological instruments to avoid the sensation of pain in patients who must undergo a procedure surgical.

What is the role of an anesthetist?

A anesthesiology technician plays a fundamental role in preparing and maintaining equipment used in operating rooms, clinics or hospitals for anesthetic purposes.

The daily tasks of a anesthesia technician include:

  • Configuration, verification and maintenance of machines used for anesthesia and life support.
  • Prepare clinical spaces used for anesthetic purposes.
  • Preparation of medical supplies for anesthesia.
  • Support the anesthesiology specialist in the placement of breathing tubes to patients.
  • Keep patient records before, during and after the surgical procedure has been completed.
  • Monitoring of the patient’s vital signs in previous stages, during and after surgeries.
  • Provide support in case of emergencies.
  • They decontaminate, sterilize or dispose of materials used during the patient’s operation.

Career anesthetist

The university technician in anesthesia it usually lasts for 3 years.

The theoretical and practical classes of this educational program are usually face-to-face, although for reasons of force majeure, the theoretical classes can be taught virtually.

Entry requirements:

  • Have enrollment in the common basic cycle.
  • Have passed the subjects of the common basic cycle such as work and society, introduction to scientific thought and mathematics.

Anesthesia technician where to study

  • UBA.
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNCUYO.

Anesthesiologist technician job exit

Study a anesthesia technician It can represent you a quick job exit. The reason:

The increase in the number of patients in recent times, makes the professionals of the health sector acquire more and more demand and relevance.

Where can you work as anesthesia technician?

  • Hospital operating rooms.
  • Private clinics.
  • Delivery rooms.
  • Emergency departments.

This graduate can practice in the public or private sector.

Benefits of being an anesthetist technician

As it had been said in previous lines, the field of medical health is a field that is in high growth, therefore this brings advantages when becoming a anesthesia technician.

  • Variations in day-to-day work: Since not all patients are the same, monotony will be reduced in your work days.
  • Stability in the work environment: Since hospitals require that their staff be able to give their best, they try to keep the work area clean and as peaceful as possible.
  • Quick preparation to go to work: Fortunately, the profession of anesthesia technician does not require four or five years of study, it is simply a matter of having a high school diploma, training and receiving a short period of specialized classes.

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