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How to Clean AO Smith Water Heaters

Water heaters are devices that are widely popular especially to those countries that have cold weather. They are also a necessity even to people who hate to take a shower with cold water especially during cold days and nights. The most popular kind nowadays are those that have tanks that use either electricity or fuel. The efficiency of those heaters largely depend on the individual’s preferences and circumstances.

Cleaning the AO smith water heaters are easy as we follow the following procedures:

  • Prior to the cleaning, switch off or remove the plug that is connecting your heater and the electrical main switch. Also switch off the source of your water for the water heater that is usually situated on the top of the water heater.
  • Locate the fastened flush regulator or nozzle of the water heater found usually at the bottom of the tank. To drain the water from the tank, attach the other end of hose to the flush nozzle and let the hose go to an area outdoors to remove the waters. Because the water to be drained is hot, be careful and cautious enough to choose the right place where to drain, hot water may put in danger something or someone.
  • Open the regulator to discharge all the water inside the water heater outside. If you are done, switch off the regulator.
  • Switch on the source of your water of the water heater above the heater and let the water go through the tank for at least 3 minutes. As soon as you are done, switch it off.
  • Remove all the water again from the tank by reopening the water regulator that is connected to your hose. Do these procedures several times until the time that you are sure enough that the water drained from the tank are clean, clear and no elements or residues floating. Switch off the water regulator.
  • If you notice blockage in the regulator (this is usually caused by the water elements that are present in your water heater during the draining time), get a screwdriver and carefully take them out.

To help lengthen the time of service with your water heater, it is a must that you will have a periodic cleaning schedule for them. Most of us bought them because of necessity so let’s pay the necessary attention to them so we can all enjoy their service for a long time.

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