Asic Running Shoes How To Clean

An athlete needs special sports accessories or stuffs to keep his pace on the game. Like a swimmer needing a Speedo wetsuit or a tennis player needing his Wilson racket. This is same with a runner needing the best running shoes. One of the legendary running shoes available in the market is the Asics.

Asics Running shoes has good reputation for its quality and unique shoes that is made up of of an outsole, midsole and upper. Most runners they have a special connection between them and the shoes. But after the game, the shoes would end up muddy, dirty, and even looking worn out. But no worries cause it just needs simple cleaning tips to make the shoes good as new!

Follow these cleaning tips in cleaning Asics running shoes:

  • Prepare all the necessary equipments for cleaning like soap, brush, basin, clean cloth to save time and effort.
  • Remove the shoelaces, insoles and wash them separately using soap and water and set them aside.
  • A brush can be used to scrub out dirt in soles and also bleach can be use for the white laces.
  • Rub off Surface dirt, mud or stain in the shoes using an old toothbrush but any brush will do. Just add soap powder to make soapy water and carefully brush all the dirt.
  • Do the same brushing with the shoe.
  • After cleaning let the shoe dry by wiping it with a towel to absorb excess water and wipe excess dirt and placing them in an area where there is proper ventilation and enough warm to dry.
  • Do not expose it to direct heat when drying because this can alter the shape of the shoes thus putting in a dryer is not advised.
  • Return shoe laces and insoles back once the shoes are dry.
  • Secure the shoes in shoe rack or storage if not in use.

To maintain the quality of the shoes, runners and owners must keep it clean so that it won’t look worn out before they really are. As they say, nice shoes take you to nice places. As long as everyone is comfortable wearing their sneakers or any footwear it is always good to go!

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