Auto Glass How To Clean

Car comprises various parts that needed regular maintenance. One of those is car glasses. Car glasses are the first thing that people see whenever they look at a car in a front view. Thus, it should be the top priorities to clean as having a dirty auto glass reflects the personality of a driver. Everyone wants to look at polished car windows. How would you react seeing a dirty auto glass? You would certainly think that the owner of that particular car is messy and ragged same as the car he’s using. Cleaning an auto glass is quite simple and inexpensive. Regular cleaning should be implemented within yourself so as to contemplate a good and clean personality.

The things that you will need are microfiber towel or cotton towel, cleaning solution (ammonia- free), and water.

Here are the important and easy steps in cleaning an auto glass:

  • First thing to consider is to choose an appropriate cleaning solution. Remember to avoid solutions containing ammonia as this can be very dangerous health risk with strong odd smell. There are several cleaning solutions with ammonia. Make sure to read the label that states “ammonia free” solution.
  • Use a soft cloth for wiping the auto glass. The best cloth to use for auto glass wiping is a microfiber towel. It works best in removing stains and dirt without damaging your auto glass.
  • Get your micro fiber towel and dip it into the cleaning solution.
  • Start cleaning the car windows. Wipe the glass in a circular motion starting from one side all the way down to the other side of the glass. (left to right or vise versa)
  • You can also wipe downward and upward motion using long strokes.
  • Also, make sure to focus the cleaning on the windshield as this is the most used part of the auto glass.
  • You can also include other auto parts like the side mirrors but make sure to use another towel for this area so as to avoid contamination or turn your micro fiber towel to the other side to wipe other areas.
  • Rinse the glass with a tap water making sure you cover the headlights. You can use a cotton towel in wiping the auto glass and allow it to dry.

Ammonia containing solutions are chemicals that smell heavy and can make the auto glass dry. Always keep in mind to avoid this chemical. There are lots of auto glasses cleaner that you can purchase in auto shop. For additional windshield cleaning tips, you can purchase a windshield solution at any shops to place it in a wiper fluid.

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