Award Plaque How To Clean

Achievements in life are rewarded with honors like giving a plaque. A plaque could be made of wood, acrylic, plastic or metal. This thing symbolizes achievements, success and personal possession. Typically, after a period of time, dirt and dust could accumulate on the plaque.

Here are the tips on how to clean plaques:

  • Prepare all the necessary tools for cleaning like household towels, spray, cleaning solution and water. This is to save time and effort in cleaning.
  • For a marbleized plaque, use a cleaning solution just like the one that is being used in window panes and spray some all over the plaque. Use a household towel to remove the dirt and dust.
  • Once it done, place back to its shelf and protect from dirt and make sure to keep away from children to prevent unwanted accidents.
  • There are certain types of plaques that need other cleaning care.
  • Plaque made of wood is not good with liquid cleaning solutions. Because any form of liquid will make the wood wet, moist and eventually could cause damage.
  • Use an ordinary household furniture polish. There are many types of household polish in the market. Use the one that is safe on any type of wood.
  • Apply a little amount on a paper towel or soft cloth then gently rub it to the plaque. Be careful and do it gently to prevent scratches.
  • Do it gently to rub off dirt and dust that has accumulated over the years. If there are hard stain, use a clean cloth and try rubbing vigorously but be careful not to scratch or damage the plaque.
  • After cleaning, return all the used materials. Wash the used cloth so that it could be use for other cleaning needs and as well as the polish.
  • Place back the plaques to where it is shelved and store away from children to prevent any unwanted accidents.

Awards and plaques are remembrance to our achievements and success in life. It must be clean and preserve for the many years to come. Do use strong chemicals or bleach because it might cause discoloration. Let the cleaning tips mentioned above to make your precious memories preserved.

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