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Azek Trim How To Clean

Azek Trim is a state-of-the art PVC product that is made of premium materials. It has smooth, sealed edges that ensure easy cleaning and removal of debris. This leading brand of cellular PVC offers quality, durability and beauty. This is the perfect replacement for non-structural applications. And this trim boards are low maintenance and long year warranty.

The steps below are the ways on how to clean Azek Trim:

  • Azek Trim is a very durable material but it still it must be check before cleaning to see if there are other problems than dirt and molds. The cement used in the trim is water resistant therefore it will be easily cleaned.
  • Gather the necessary material for cleaning the trim board. Prepare a broom, basin with water, garden hose, and mop, cleaning solution or soap and a brush. These tools must be ready before starting cleaning to save time and energy.
  • Buying new materials is not necessary. The trim boards are made of fine and durable quality. The cleaning won’t take too much of the time. Any cleaning solution can be used as long as it does not contain harsh chemicals.
  • Sweep all the dirt and dust on the trim board using the broom. Start from where it has many dust particles going outside. These boards look exactly like wood but are made of vinyl materials which make it resistant to mold and mildew formation.
  • After sweeping, brush the trim using soft brush. Brush the area where there is deep seated dirt. Rinse the trim with water using the garden hose. Spray water all over to remove the debris.
  • Fill the basin with water and detergent soap or liquid. Avoid using irritating products on the trim. Get the mop and put it in the basin with soapy water. Mop the area concentrating on the area that has stains or dirt. Mop thoroughly until it is completely clean.
  • Rinse the trim with water using the garden hose. Pull the nozzle and spray all over the board trim. Allow time to dry or a towel can be placed over the trim.

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