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Baby Toys How To Clean

How to Clean Baby Toys

Baby’s sense of gratification is through their mouth. Whenever they touch anything, they will definitely place it in their mouth by biting it or trying to chew it. However, babies are very sensitive because their immune systems are also young. They easily acquire infections due to presence of bacteria. Babies also love to handle colorful stuff especially toys. That is why; keeping the toys clean is a very important matter. However, natural methods in cleaning should be done because chemicals might cause harm to the baby.

The things that you will need are baking soda, vinegar, pot, distilled water, dish soap, soft bristle brush, baby toys, new sponge and baby wipes. Below are the natural ways in cleaning baby toys:

Step 1

It is beneficial to purchase baby wipes. Baby wipes come with friendly chemicals ideal for babies. Wiping the toys using baby wipes is acceptable especially if the sink is way too far to access.

Step 2

For toys that are placed inside baby’s mouth, clean it using a hot water and dish soap. Pay more attention to teething toys. It is ideal to use bare hands in washing baby toys in order to properly clean the corners of the toys.

Step 3

Get a spray bottle and place equal amounts of distilled water and white vinegar. You will use this solution as a natural cleaner for baby toys. Spray the baby toys with your natural solution and leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse off the toys properly with a distilled water.

Step 4

Scrub the baby toys carefully in order to remove dirt and any objects that accumulate the toys. New sponge should be purchased in cleaning baby toys.

Step 5

Place all the smaller toys like little animals or little dolls in a dishwasher. Using dishwasher can be efficient in washing them altogether. Wash all the stuff one by one. You can also use soft bristle brush.

Step 6

Naturally wash toys with the use of baking soda 3 to 4 tbsp with one quart of water. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

Step 7

Clean and sanitize hard toys every week or twice a week and place the toys inside the dishwasher top rack.

Step 8

For durable and hard toys that can be boiled, place them in a pot and allow them to boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

Avoid using any strong chemicals. Babies might be harm due to strong chemicals. Remember that their sense of gratification is through their mouth. Make sure to remove batteries out from baby toys. It might not work after. Some toys are made with rubber, bear in mind not to boil these stuff.

Natural cleansers for baby toys are mixed solutions of water and vinegar or baking soda. Keep in mind to sanitize baby toys at least once a week or when it is already dirty.



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