Belly Button Piercing How To Clean

Belly button piercings require extreme care and cleaning for quick healing. When not taken well care of, it may develop a scar, result to bleeding or even acquire infections. However, you should resist the urge of washing or cleaning the piercing on the same day you have it done. Instead, you should leave it alone for at least two days as the wound is still sanitized from the piercing procedure.

Cleaning your belly button piercing is a tricky task as you would have to keep dirt and other particles from settling as you wash the wound. Remember to make sure your hands are clean before touching the piercing. Also, take maximum caution in cleaning the piercing in the first few times.

Keep your belly button piercing and infection-free by following this procedure:

  • During a shower, allow water to come in contact with the piercing without necessarily touching the site. Make sure to completely rinse off all residues in the site to avoid irritation. Include this in your daily shower routine for at least a week or when the wound is no longer fresh.
  • You may start to directly clean the piercing site after a week. Gently lather the site with an anti-microbial soap twice a day.
  • Remove the thin, hard crust that has formed on your belly button. This layer is made up of blood and excretion from the piercing procedure.
  • Under warm running water, rotate the jewelry sideways or slide it back and forth to thoroughly clean the skin inside the piercing. This process enables the wound to get enough oxygen, therefore speeding up the healing process. Be careful in applying force when performing this in order to prevent tearing the surface of the piercing.
  • After the shower, pat dry the site using cotton swabs to eliminate dust particles. Hesitate from using cloth towels when drying piercing sites. This type of cloth is too harsh on the wound and germ accumulation on the lint may cause irritation or infection. Remember to not rotate or slide the piercing outside the shower until has completely healed.
  • To complete the process, clean your belly button piercing with an antibacterial solution. Put a pinch of sea salt into a small disposable cup of hot water.
  • Lay on a flat surface and upturn the cup into the piercing site and leave it for at least five minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse off the piercing site then pat dry with new cotton swabs or soft paper towel.

Only use water and anti-microbial when cleaning your belly button piercing. Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, antibacterial ointments and other similar substances may agitate the wound and delay the healing process.

To maintain the look and the health of the piercing site, you should always prioritize the sanitation of the site. Use new and clean cotton swabs, paper towels and disposable cups every time you will perform the cleaning steps provided.

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