Big TV Screen Plasma TV How To Clean

One of the famous and sophisticated products in terms of TV screens is plasma television. This has steadily become fascinating and attractive to anyone’s home. It is exceptionally designed to provide prime and perfect TV angles that come in a flat screen figure. However, especially with children at home, TV screens can easily get dirty with the appearance of finger prints on the wide screen. This diverts the attention of TV viewers. Instead, the more obvious to appear are the dirt particles, dust and spots. With this, owners of TV screen should pay particular attention on how to properly clean TV screens to explicate the spectacular aspects of the plasma TV.

The things that you will need in cleaning big TV screens like plasma TV are easily obtained. These are soft cotton cloth or microfiber towel, isopropyl alcohol, bowl, cotton swab and water.

Below are the steps in cleaning wide screen TV:

  • Make sure to unplug any electrical connections in the TV. Do not clean the TV directly, instead, wait for several minutes to cool down before starting the cleaning procedure.
  • Get your cotton cloth and carefully wipe the TV screen. It is best to use microfiber towel in wiping TV screens, if you have one. This initial wiping primarily removes dust particles in the screen.
  • If there are still finger prints present upon inspection, get your bowl and add equal amounts of alcohol and water. (One – half cup of water and half cup of isopropyl alcohol). Stir the solution properly.
  • Get another piece of microfiber towel and dip it into the water – alcohol solution. Squeeze the towel in order to eliminate remainder water.
  • Gently wipe the microfiber towel using long strokes starting at one side going to the other side of the plasma screen (left to right or vice versa).
  • Make sure the plasma screen is totally clean. Get your cotton swab and dip it into your cleaning solution. Again, remove excess water by pressing it down. Do not forget to include wiping the edges and the back portion of the TV screen.
  • After making sure that the plasma screen is entirely clean, get a dry cloth/ microfiber towel and start wiping the TV screen including other TV parts in a gentle long stroke starting from one side all the way to the other side.
  • Allow the TV screen to completely dry before turning it on.

Prevention is always better. Advise your family members to refrain from touching the TV screen so as to prevent smudges and finger prints across the screen. You can also place a clean microfiber towel near the plasma screen so that whenever you see any dirt, you can merely wipe it away. This makes cleaning process easier and saves time. Do not use any rough cloth in wiping the screen. This may leave marks and scratches. Another thing is to avoid using ammonia cleaners as this can permanently damage the plasma screen.

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