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How to Clean Billiard Balls

Billiard is an interesting ball game. Many people nowadays are inclined with this kind of game. Some people even get addicted to it. Having billiards at home is more efficient than playing billiards outside like in some resto bars. You would definitely invite your friends to come over your house so you can have playmates with this game. However, your friends won’t certainly feel glad playing with dirty billiard balls. Don’t let your friends down. Instead, you can apply simple measures to restore that clean glossy appearance of your billiard balls. It merely takes a little time and willingness to do the cleaning procedure.

The things that you will need are dirty billiard balls, water, basin or medium – sized container, liquid soap and clean cotton cloth.

Here are the easy ways in cleaning billiard balls:

  • Gather the needed materials. Get your soft cotton cloth and wipe the balls one by one to remove any dirt.
  • If wiping the balls with dry cloth is still isn’t effective, wash the balls with water and set aside. Get the container or large basin and pour water into it.
  • Pour your liquid soap into the container with water and stir properly. This will then serve as your soapy solution.
  • Place the billiard balls inside the basin with soapy solution. Let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes. This helps loosen excess dirt.
  • Rinse off the balls with water and wipe it properly with the use of a soft cotton cloth. Allow it to dry for several minutes until totally dry.
  • If you have cleaning solution specifically designed for billiard balls, you can apply the solution to further clean the balls and wipe it again with a soft cotton cloth after a thorough cleaning.
  • Apply a wax intended for billiard balls. This helps restore the glossy appearance of the billiard ball.
  • Place the billiard balls back in its appropriate place.

If you don’t want to use billiard ball cleaners, you can simply mix hot water and a liquid detergent. This is a more convenient application as you do not need to spend more money on commercial cleaners. You can also use a sponge in wiping billiard balls. Remember not to scrub the balls hardly as you may scratch the balls. Once the ball gets wet, you should immediately wipe it with a dry cotton cloth. A dry cotton cloth should be place near the billiard table so that you can just reach it whenever your balls need a wipe.

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