Bissell Little Green How To Clean

Bissell little green is a small carpet cleaner and is portable. It can clean carpets thoroughly without the help of an expert. A user can easily move it from one place to another when removing stains from any section of your house. This cleaner also help people save money since it will work effectively that you do not need to rent for equipment or hire somebody to clean your carpet. Bissell little green has some various attachments that will help cleaning more efficient, has brushes that will dig out hard to remove stains, and extends its nozzle. This portable cleaner is designed for small jobs but will work on big jobs as well. Its system that is Proheat will keep water hot for cleaning and its rotating brushes will dig and wipe away all kinds of dirt. Its long power cord will help you clean those hard to reach areas. It even has different features like:

  • Materials are made of 50% plastic that is recycled.
  • Its packaging also is made of 75% materials that are recycled.
  • Does not have phosphates or dyes.
  • No heavy metals included in its cleaning solution.
  • PVC-free plastics composes its tanks and vacuum hoses.
  • Rotating brush is made of 100%-recycled materials.

This tool is very easy to assemble that it only requires you to get a screwdriver to attach the bracket that will hold its stain brush. It has a bottle of cleaning solution (have odor solution and a solution for pet stains as well). These solutions will be poured into the empty tank following its marker for the exact measurement, mixing it with water. Pouring the solution into the tank and inverting the tank, it needs a guide to do it because it might spill the solution when not executed properly.

In cleaning Bissell Little Green, you also need to follow the steps in the guide:

  • Remove the cover slowly, detach the brush in its nozzle and remove the empty tank as well (make sure there’s no cleaning solution left inside the tank).
  • When everything is okay, mix warm water with mild detergent, get a clean cloth and soak it into the mixture. Squeeze the towel and gently rub it into the cleaner’s surfaces. Make sure that you will remove the dirt and other residue inside. Rub the tank, brush and cover with the cloth and keep doing it until you will see no dirt.
  • Use a toothbrush to remove dirt from its corners and hard to reach portions.
  • Rinse it using a clean cloth and cool water.
  • Let it dry in a cool air.

Cleaning Bissell Little Green is like following the steps on how to assemble it. You will just simply remove each attachment, clean each one of them and make sure that it is already dry before using again. This carpet cleaner has two models (1400J and 1400Y). The two are identical but it only differs to its brushes. 1400Y has a turbo brush while 1400J does not have. Each model has different add-ons and attachments that are easy to operate and manageable. That is why even though this is typically use for small jobs but because of the additional attachments, the user can also execute big jobs using it alone.

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