Bricks How To Clean

Many people get fascinated with the dense structure and innate visual aspect of bricks whether it is indoor or outdoor. It is also famous for its exemplary and inexpensive maintenance. However, like any other building structure, it can also get dirty. Proper cleaning should be taken into consideration in order to maintain the natural classy appearance of bricks.

There are natural ways to clean bricks. The things that you will need are rubber gloves, old cloth or rubber mat, liquid soap, water and bucket.

Here are the steps in cleaning bricks:

  • It is important to start using a mild cleaning solution first. If it doesn’t work, then you can switch to commercial chemicals.
  • If you intend to clean a brick fireplace, make sure to clear the area first by placing an old cloth or rubber mat on the floor.
  • Put on your rubber gloves and mask. First is to remove dust particles by scrubbing the bricks with a brush. You can also use a broom in removing dust.
  • After removing dust, start making your mild cleaning solution.
  • Get your bucket and fill in with water. Add your liquid soap and mix them properly.
  • Moisten the bricks with the use of a clean cloth. Dip the cloth into your cleaning solution and wipe the area where you intend to start. Get your brush and scrub the wet surface. Make sure to remove dirt particles properly.
  • Rinse the scrubbed areas with water using a cloth dampened with clean water.
  • Wipe the finish area with an old dry cloth.
  • Simply repeat all the steps until you achieve your desired results.

You can also purchase commercial cleaning solutions in the market. However, mild solutions are more ideal as it is safer and highly affordable. If you intend to use acid solutions or bleach, make sure to protect yourself by wearing mask, eye goggles, and old cloth. You can use a bleach solution for deep cleansing. Bleach solution is effective in removing molds and grease. For greasy mortars, you can use acid solution if bleach does not remove the dirt but be extra careful as it can burn your skin. Acid solutions are your last resort. You should first use a light cleaning solution rather than directly using a hard cleaning solution.

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