Bunn Coffee Maker How To Clean

We all want to wake up in a bright day and have a cup of warm coffee. There is coffee equipment named Bunn Coffee Maker that comes from Bunn Company which is the leader manufacturer of commercial beverage equipments. Bunn Coffee maker allows you to brew your own coffee. Still, like other coffee machines, over the time a buildup of coffee oils, sediment and mineral deposits will accumulate inside the coffee maker. To make the coffee as good as it always was cleaning the coffee maker should be done regularly. And it only takes an ample amount of time to get the procedure done.

Here are the instructions on how to clean the Bunn Coffee Maker:

  • Get all the materials needed for cleaning. Prepare the Bunn deliming tool. Unplug the brewer and let it cool.
  • Water on the coffee maker should be emptied if it’s not in use. Some times, mineral build ups are due to water because they contain minerals.
  • To drain the brewer, unplug first the coffee maker from the electrical outlet.
  • Cool the brewer by putting fresh, cold tap water inside the container. Place decanter on the base plate and close the lid and empty the decanter.
  • Remove the sprayhead by twisting the cap using the fingers and insert the deliming tools unto the sprayhead tube about six to seven inches.
  • Check the holes of the sprayhead. If blocked with mineral deposits or white flakes, it can be removed using a toothpick. Clean the sprayhead with a cloth and mild detergent. Another option is put one part white vinegar into the container and this will replace the water out of the decanter. If you can’t find the de-liming spring tool that came with your Bunn coffee maker, a stiff pipe cleaner will do.
  • Wait for about 20 minutes and discard the vinegar. And run with water for couple of times to cleanse and remove the vinegar’s smell.
  • Cleaning should be done approximately every 3 months. The number times depend on the mineral deposits found on the maker.
  • To remove coffee stains use a cloth with powder detergent and apply to the stains. Once stains are removed wash with flowing water.
  • Once everything is done, put water on the maker just like brewing a coffee and allow boiling. Do this before using the coffee maker.

To have a perfect coffee we need to have a good brewer. Any coffee machine will do to make a good coffee. Mineral and sediments build up in the coffee maker due to the water being used. To prevent this from happening, it always need a regular cleaning to prevent it from getting dirty and protect from mineral build up.

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