Business Cards: Their Use As a Marketing Tool

Business cards or business card or business card are among the least expensive marketing tools that a company or person has at their disposal, however, are usually very rarely used, or are not used at all, or are not used in the same way as business cards.  Here are some tips to maximize the marketing power of your business cards.

1. Carry your business cards with you at all times. This sounds obvious, I know, but you’d be surprised that so often a business person doesn’t have their business cards handy when they’re needed.  Even if you use an electronic device to store your contact lists, such as your PDA and like to send your contact information electronically to others, keep those cards in your wallet, card case, pocket, briefcase and car.

2. Make sure your employees, spouse and loved ones also carry your business cards with them. You can get a client through a conversation he or she has had with your spouse, husband, child or employee if he or she gives you a business card.

3. Pass out business cards when you show up at meetings, events and events.  Not only do people appreciate seeing the name they’ve just heard, but also putting a business card in someone’s hand when you introduce yourself involves three senses while you have your attention (hearing, sight and touch), so they’re more likely to remember you.

4. Consider having your photo printed on your business card or business card. People like to see who they’re working with.  Viewing your image later will help remind you.  It has also been documented that seeing a photo on a business card or website tends to help people develop confidence faster than when they don’t see any images. If you are concerned about your appearance, do something about it or better. Retouch your weak points with an image editing program, if desired.

5. Be creative with your business cards.  Of course, you want to make sure your name and contact information are legible, but you should use the opportunity to express yourself and your business a little more on your business card.  Maybe you can do it through creative use of color or your logo. You may want to add a unique slogan or slogan. Consider a double-sided design. I’ve recently seen some cards with contact information on both sludge. I have seen others with a web address or website on the back. The back is also a good place for a catchy or memorable slogan.

6. Leave your business cards when you visit someone and are not there. Write personalized notes on these cards to make them more memorable and personal. Be sure to handwrite the other person’s name.

7. Give a business card to the secretary when you make an appointment. This will help you see your name correctly when notifying your boss that you are there. It also ensures that your contact information is held by the person who will probably enter it into the data system.  Presenting a card when you arrive at a business appointment demonstrates class and education.

8. Include a business card on greeting cards that you send to potential customers or prospects. Especially if your business card has your photo on it, this will help remind you of who you are, and remind them of your contact information. If by chance they’ve lost it, it’s a good way to get it back to them. Also include your card in gifts you give to your customers.

9. Look for opportunities and appropriate places to leave your business cards or to give them to others. The right places will depend on your business and target market. You can ask business owners to let you leave your cards on the counter.  This is especially appropriate if your business is not competitive. Also, don’t be afraid to leave some cards on billboards or bulletin boardsthat are found in some supermarkets, businesses, churches, and so on.

10. Use your business card to advertise in local newsletters and publications. The term “business card size” is a common term for one of the ad sizes available in most publications. You don’t have to use your business card for the ad text, but if you have a good business card (photo, very well designed, easy to read), why not?

There are many ways you can use business cards to help market your business. Don’t be stingy with your cards. Hand them over easily. Customize them with notes. Don’t assume that just because you gave someone your card in the past still has it, or that you transferred your contact information before you lost it. You will no doubt see a quick return on your investment as you begin to use your business cards more.

VistaPrint. com is an example of how to implement this type of business where it’s easy to design your business cards, search for templates by company type or style, choose font, text, add your logo or photo, among other options.  Website available in English and Spanish.

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