Business Idea Party & Event Clean-Up

A unique business idea that you could provide for your area is a niche cleaning service where you come before and after a party or event to clean up everything.

We have all at one time, or another, enjoyed having a great party with our friends, family, workmates, or business partners. But getting your yard, home, or rented facility ready for the party can be a large undertaking.

Then the clean up afterward can be overwhelmingly tiring, making you question whether you want to have another party ever again.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a team of people come clean before to help with preparations and then clean up and put things away for us after either the party or the next day?


And think about the number of community events, perhaps outdoor picnics or concerts that would require cleaning up after.

With this business idea you would offer a niche cleaning service, where you come before and after a party or event to clean up everything.

This should make you pretty popular you should be very popular with party givers and event organizers.

Depending on how many people you have on your cleaning team when it comes to charging for your services, you should be able to charge around $30 per hour for each member of the team.

Or you could provide a flat fee service depending on the type of party and number of hours you estimate it will require to provide the service.

If you are cleaning for a small party, it may only take one person to clean before and after a party. So if you should want to start your business idea slowly without making a large investment in it, you should be able to.

All you will need is plenty of cleaning supplies that you probably already have on hand and a willingness to work some odd hours.

You will need a variety of cleaning supplies; a mop, brushes, cloths, sponges, a vacuum cleaner, and trash removal bags.

But this is one of those small business ideas that can become as large as you want it to be, especially if you live in a larger community, or are willing to service a larger area.

If you choose to make a larger investment at the beginning, you can work on putting together a reliable cleaning team and start advertising right away with party stores, in your local newspapers, party facilities, and fliers.

Invest also in cleaning supplies for each team member and vehicles with advertising on them.

To advertise you services with local events, look for event planners in your phone book or online and check with various local organizations both civic and private.

Also check your newspaper for local happenings and send your flyer to any appropriate event planning committees that you find.

You could also build a website to advertise your services locally.

Don’t underestimate the power of building a website for local advertising.

The internet trend has gone from global to local and more and more people are looking for community based websites to locate the services they are looking for after party clean up. is a good example of this type of website.

You could also advertise on other community based websites to start out until you get your own website built.


Other events to think about would be weddings and children’s parties.

Many wedding receptions are held at local halls where responsibility for clean-up after the wedding may fall to the event planner or wedding party.

Children’s parties can become pretty messy too, it might be a great relief for a parent to know that once all the kids have gone home someone else will clean up the mess!

If you know of any party planners in your area and or can find them online or in the phone book, be sure to let them know about your services.

This type of business idea requires a vehicle and advertising on your vehicle is a good idea to increase community awareness of your services.

At the end of the year, your vehicle can be tax deductible too, if you choose to use it for your business. Just remember to keep a mileage log for your accountant.

You will also want to keep receipts of all supplies purchased and any equipment too. And if you do decide to hire people to work for you then you will have to check into the paperwork and accounting needed to be an employer.

Once you start this business idea, it should become quite popular with party givers and event planners.

Word of mouth advertising will work well for you, so make sure to leave extra business cards or pamphlets with your customers and offer a discount on their next party if they refer a new customer to you that uses your services.

This will motivate many customers to use your service again and advertise for you.


Always make sure that your customer is happy with your cleaning, before you leave the cleaning assignment.

Stay as long as they want you to clean, especially if you are being paid by the hour. But make sure that you clean up before the party or event and after quickly, your client will be aware of the pay-per-hour and not want to be overcharged for wasted time.

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