Good Business Ideas For Online Entrepreneurs

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the online world offers you with tons of opportunities for good business ideas. To remain competitive and relevant in the business world today, you have to keep up to date with upcoming trends in technology. Everyone has heard stories of startups turning into overnight sensations leaving their owners unbelievably rich. However, this doesn’t come on a silver plate. It is only the unique online ideas that could take you to such heights. There are a number of business opportunities and really good business ideas that entrepreneurs could implement to take advantage.

15 Good Business Ideas Online

If you have plans to be the next big thing in the world of online businesses, then you have to check out on the following list of top 15 online businesses.website-Flipping

Website Flipping

Website flipping is very similar to house flipping. It will normally involve purchasing websites; upgrading them before reselling them again at a profit. Caution must be taken on the type of website you are purchasing. Newcomers to this business should at all cost avoid cookie-cutter sites. This site will usually have some copied contents from several other sites developed by the seller. This can negatively affect the website’s ranking with all major search engines. Every day people are looking for cash from Adsense blogs, all you need to do is buy that blog, upgrade it and improve its traffic before selling it at a profit. These are nice money-spinners if you get them right or in a high traffic niche.

App Development

Right from the comfort of your room, you can start this type of tech business at relatively low cost if you have the skills. Today, some websites are offering you with application building tools. This makes it very easy for one to set up this business and begin development. The competition is quite high in this industry, but it is still very possible for you to make a fortune out of this if you get it right and your idea is strong and innovative enough. With the increasing number of smartphones and tablets, then more and more applications will be on demand. However, you need to carry out extensive research when you venture into this. You need to know what already exists in the market. This will help you avoid repeating what was previously done.

e-commerceE-commerce store

This is one industry that will continue to boom even. Thousands of people surfing each day will continue browsing e-commerce stores. As the number of smartphones and tablets grow, the size of this market will continue growing. This is another opportunity for you to make cash at the comfort of your home. An E-commerce store will enable you to sell almost anything, ranging from clothes, electronics, books and other household items. This is possible if you set up an affiliate store with eBay and Amazon who are two of the largest online eCommerce retailers, another big one is also Alibaba, alternatively, you can do it through drop shipping.

Online reputation management

Individuals and companies have to maintain or improve their reputations online. Kissmetrics is a good example of such a business who provide an in-depth analytic suite for this purpose. As the number of internet users rapidly increases, the number of mentions (positive or negative) is on the rise too. For this reason, personalities and companies are hiring the individual to protect them from negative mentions. If you are into reputation management, branding or social media, this is your perfect job.


Social media advertising

If you are a great fan of social media and you have a knack for promotion, this is the good business idea for you this year. Social media by far determines the success and failure of most online businesses. For this reason, companies dedicate a lot of effort to this form of marketing. All you need to have is a well-developed website and the passion to carry on. Probably, you may need to offer free services in order to develop a list of first customers. While you will need to work extra hard to get it running, the capital involved is quite low. This makes it a runner for the number one good business ideas opportunity for you, Especially useful if you don’t have many starts up capital. Here is what Brandwatch had to say about why of social media advertising.

Search engine optimization services (SEO)

As long as search engines are thriving SEO will continue to keep booming. Putting in mind that it’s now difficult to rank websites on search engines, SEO firms are now in demand. There are a number of free and economical tools available to help you check your SEO score, backlinks and other metrics, Majestic SEO and Ahrefs Site Explorer are two in this space. Companies and brands will definitely need SEO to make sure their websites are loved by major search engines and will drive targeted traffic from these major search engines to their platform.

Virtual office assistants

The goal of any business owner is to make the company more productive and profitable. That’s why the need for a virtual assistant is inevitable. These are professionals to whom duties could be delegated to over the internet. They could be professional from the different fields such as accounting, marketing, and design.

Business process outsourcing

This is actually a broad service that varies from customer support, help-desk services, accounting and research, technical support, telemarketing etc. if you got yourself a good IT infrastructure and a team of professionals, then you are well set to start your BPO.


Website development and design

This industry will continue revolutionizing even by days in the future. Today, we are talking of mobile browsing which is one of the hot spots in the web and communication space. Companies will need their websites designed so that they are mobile friendly. If you have what it take to be a developer, this is a good venture for you.

Cloud hosting

Data in the cloud has always been considered flexible, scalable and efficient. For these reasons, many businesses today are hosting files, website infrastructure and even whole operating systems in the cloud. If you don’t have the appropriate infrastructure to set up a cloud hosting company, there are web hosting organizations that could resell the cloud hosting capabilities at an affordable price. Here a couple of free services you can try out for yourself Zeropc, Jolicloud and of course Google drive

Digital advertising brokerage

Without your own websites, you can simply invite websites pooling them together to form an advertising network. In this case, you will be acting as a broker who will, in turn, find advertisements on their behalf. But remember, you don’t own those websites. So you can only earn a commission out of the advertisement income.


Graphic and infographic design

Display marketing is the thing today. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are all focusing on images. Infographics are even more popular with marketers today. So if you are good in graphic design, this is your perfect opportunity and one of your good business ideas.

Data security and privacy settings

In 2014, data security will continue to be a major concern. Confidential data could easily leak and spread on social media such as Facebook. Recently we have seen a major security issue from the Heartbleed bug. For this reason, companies will be looking for data security experts to safeguard their data. If one has got what it takes to be a data security expert, this is one of the most potential areas you would consider investing.

Online webinars

Information and education form a product that you could easily sell to people. Udemy is a popular training portal where you can join thousands of other instructors who are building their brand and making money, by teaching. If you have the knowledge or expertise in a certain field, then try teaching people through webinars or online platforms.

 Conversion rate optimisation

This business entails market research, content marketing, target marking and other related strategies meant to ensure business have increased conversion. This is among the most significant trends in 2017.

The above list is meant to help inspire you in the search of an appropriate internet business idea. Remember, your business is normally built in alignment with your motivation purpose and passion. Internet business gives you an opportunity to make good money, but if you aren’t having fun doing your business, it becomes a wound in your life. Be inspired and follow your passion to find your own good business ideas.


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