Carpet Quality The Difference it Makes in the Appearance of Your Room

Factors Affecting the Quality of Your Carpet

You have probably already noticed that carpet quality can make a huge difference in the appearance of a room and the durability of the carpet. When you shop for a new carpet, you are making a choice you will have underfoot for years to come. It is worth getting enough information about savvy carpet shopping so that you won’t regret your purchase. Carpet construction quality depends on the fibers used, the backing, and the adhesive to hold the fibers in place. Carpet padding also has a big influence on the comfort and wear of the carpet. All of these factors influence the grade of the carpet. Lower grade carpets may last about seven years. With proper cleaning, a good carpet should retain its appearance for up to fifteen years.


Different Materials and their place in Carpet Construction

The materials used for most common carpets include wool, acrylic, polyester, and nylon. Most carpets are made with nylon, which is stain resistant and holds color well. It also tends to hold up well under foot traffic. Nylon carpet can get misshapen and lose its appeal if it is not maintained well. Stain resistant products can help prevent staining. Polyester carpet is not as strong as nylon and olefin is the weakest of all synthetics. It can be used effectively in the weave of a berber variety of carpet. The construction of this carpet makes the carpet effective for concealing dirt and wear.

What is Carpet Density?

The density of carpet is an important factor in the determination of carpet quality. Carpet density is the word used to represent the amount of yarn per square inch of carpet. For example, a very dense carpet will contain thick amounts of yarn with no foundation peeking through. A lower quality carpet will not have as much yarn, and you can part the carpet to see the backing.

Looped or Not Looped, that is the Question

Carpet that is not looped, such as berber, uses a method of twisting. The twist level of the fibers indicates the quality of the carpet. When the twists are higher and tighter, the carpet is generally better.

Determine What’s Best for You

Most carpet companies use a system to rate their carpets so that you can easily look for the characteristics that are most important to you. Be sure to purchase carpet from a source you trust so that you are not paying too much for the quality level you are buying. You have to decorate around this carpet for years to come, so take the time to be sure that it is something you will love. With proper carpet cleaning, you can maintain carpet quality and enjoy your purchase for a long time.

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