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Cat Urine Stain and Odor Removal

Cleaning the Carpet of Cat Urine and Odors

Cleaning a carpet from cat urine stains and its characteristic odor is quite difficult and requires a number of steps, first of which is to absorb the liquid with the help of a cloth, by pressing it against the carpet for about 30 seconds. The affected area is then rinsed with plain water. Excess water is blotted away. In order to get rid of the odor, baking soda is sprinkled onto the affected area and rubbed. An alternative is to pour a solution of vinegar in plain water onto the affected region. It is then covered with a towel with a heavy item placed over it for the application of pressure.

In order to clean dry stains, the best option is to use a wet vacuum machine. It pushes fresh water into the carpet and pulls dirty water out. Another effective method to eliminate the odor is the application of a mixture of mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide and water to the stained area.

Cleaning the Upholstery of Cat Urine

The first step involved in cleaning cat urine stains from upholstery is to find the actual location of the stain. This is done with the help of a black light. The wet stain is absorbed using a paper towel. Rubbing should be avoided because it tends to spread the stain. A paper towel with weight added to it should be placed over the stain to absorb the liquid effectively. It is rinsed preferably with warm water. The affected area is then treated with an enzyme based cleaner. After applying the enzyme product, the affected area should be covered with aluminum foil. The carpet should then be rinsed and washed according to the label instructions.

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