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How to Clean a CD Player

Keeping your CD player clean is very important. Leaving it dusty and dirty can make the content jump or halt. There are easy ways of keeping your CD player clean that you don’t have to go through expensive cleaning solutions. However, you have to make sure that your player is still working. You can do this by simply putting a clean CD inside. If the player still works, then you probably need to know the cleaning essentials to maintain its function and so that you can still use it for several years. Cleaning your CD player is fast and easy. All you need is proper knowledge on the cleaning process.

The things that you will need in keeping your CD player clean are screwdriver, 95% Ethanol, lubricant WD-40 and cotton swabs.

The steps in cleaning your CD player are listed below:

  • Check your player for presence of CD inside. Get the CD (if there is any) and unplug any electrical connections.
  • Get your screwdriver and loosen up the screws of your player. Once the screws are loose already, you can now get the outer cover of your player. Remember to place the screws on a safe place away from children as they may play with the screws and may get lost.
  • Get a cotton swab and dampen it with your lubricant. Purchase a lubricant that is safe to use for electronics. A good example is WD- 40. Gently apply the inside portion of the CD player particularly the movable parts like the CD rails where the laser moves. Just carefully grease this part. Avoid scrubbing it too hard.
  • Obtain another cotton swab and dip it with your 95% ethanol solution. Squeeze excess water.
  • Wipe the CD lens with your cotton swab dampen with ethanol solution. Again, avoid hard scrubbing. 2 or 3 wipes is enough.
  • Leave any ethanol solution on the cleaned CD lens for several minutes. Allowing it to air dry.
  • After the lens had dried, place the CD cover on its appropriate place as well as the screws. Fasten the screws with the aid of your screwdriver.
  • Connect back the player into the electric socket. Turn the power on and wait for few minutes allowing the laser to set.
  • Once the CD player is all set, put a CD inside to test if the player is working.
  • Place the CD player back to its designated place and enjoy watching your favorite movie.

Make sure that there is nothing left inside the CD player. There are instances wherein cotton swabs are left inside. Be very keen with your action as you might damage your piece. Avoid using any lubricants that are not intended for electronic use. Avoid strong cleaning solution in cleaning your CD player.

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