Chimney How To Clean

As you probably know, chimney fires can be fairly harmless if there is very little creosote build-up. Though, if there is large creosote residue in the chimney, it is difficult to put out a chimney fire which can crack or damage the chimney liner in the best case scenario, and can lead to a house fire in the worst-case. For these reasons, as well as the long life and efficient operation of your woodstove or fireplace, it is vitally important that you have your chimney cleaned at regular intervals.

Clean out your chimney twice a month when you are using it regularly. What you want to look for is a buildup of creosote and soot which could lead to a serious health hazard.

These are the steps in cleaning the chimney:

  • To clean and inspect your chimney, prepare all the materials needed like a flashlight, brush, a ladder and a vacuum. Prepare all these materials before hand to save time and effort in cleaning.
  • The brush should be suitable to the chimney size so it will fit during cleaning. It is important that the brush is appropriate for easy cleaning.
  • Wear protective gloves and mask when cleaning the chimney to prevent cough and dust accumulating in your lungs. Make sure to cover all the furniture to prevent from getting dirty. Seal off the fireplace.
  • Seal off the fireplace and stove to protect the things inside the house. Put the brush into the chimney and lower it down until it reaches the bottom. And bring it up to get all the dirt and dust.
  • Check if the dusts are removed thoroughly. Repeat it until it is perfectly cleaned. Attach a rope into the brush and lower down the brush until it reaches the bottom to thoroughly clean the whole chimney.
  • Once you are done in clearing out the inside of your chimney, vacuum the entire area around your fireplace or stove to get any leftover residue or dust and dirt. To make the chimney clean and hazard free.

It is important to constantly clean your chimneys so it will be free from air pollution that will cause respiratory problems. Follow the simple cleaning tips mentioned above when cleaning a chimney. Make a regular check up on it to inspect any damages or problems so that the chimney will work at its best.

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